Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooks and Gobblins.... don't let them get you!!

Happy Halloween!!
I know a little early.....but if you knew me well, you would know that I am never, ever early for anything. I hope everyone has a safe and fun trick or treating night. I just found out from my sister that where she lives, (NY) they have a time that the trick'r treaters go door to door. Never heard of that before. We, here in the South,
go from right before dark until everyone turns their lights off. Then, when I was growing up, that's when the egging and rolling houses took place. Did anyone else ever do that?
I finished the treat bags for my son's class at school and guess what?.....I forgot to take pictures. That's another thing about me......I tend to forget things, but I have been checked out by a doctor and he says I 'm fine, just forgetful. Now what was I saying.... oh yea, I think I have an extra one at home, I will have to check and see.
Went to pumpkin patch with my son's class yesterday. We had a lot of fun, we may go back tomorrow. We didn't get to do everything. I haven't uploaded my picture yet, try to do that tomorrow.
Tonight I wanted to go to a scrapbook crop but I think I better stay at home and finish the baby quilt. I have a feeling with all of the false labor, she might go pretty fast and soon.

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