Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby shower and ...Shhhh it's a secret

First.... pictures from my nephew's baby shower, due Nov 1.

I'm so excited I received the name of my Secret Santa pal. Now to decide what to make, I have several ideas but I haven't decided on which one just yet. Wonder what colors she likes, does she like more country or modern. Decisions, decisions. I like more modern with reds and greens but you just never know.

Well good news, dh and I finished painting the garage, this weekend we will paint and seal the floor. Mark one off of my list. As soon as I finish my post I will start working on my sons tax return. I will be glad to mark the tax return off my list. Can you say procrastination Then it's quilting time!!!! Me time. Do anything I want or nothing at all.

Next on my list is my youngest sons Buddywalk. For the last 6 six we have participated in the Annual Down Syndrome Buddy walk to raise money for the Middle Tennessee Down Syndrome Assoc. Our team has won several years for collecting the most money. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it. We are "Stevie's Buddy Club" if you are in the Nashville area, come and join us, Oct 23 at Centennial Park, 9:30am, look for us in the safety green t-shirts, we're easy to spot. I guess I should explain a little. Stevie was born with Down Syndrome in 2002. Almost everyone ask if we knew before he was born. The answer is no, but were we surprised, were we devastated? NO. He had several medical problems. Had surgery when he was 2 days old for a blocked intestine. He stay 32 days in the Neo-natal unit at Vanderbilt. When he was 6 months old he had open heart surgery to repair defects. During his first 4 years we were in the hospital atleast twice a year. We thought we were going to lose him several times. Prayers from family and friends pulled him through. He is my gift from God. I was blessed with a wonderful son. I prayed for a long time before my prayers were answered and God gave me the most wonderful son anyone could ask for. If you like to make a donation please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you.

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