Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another surprise

I had yard work today so I couldn't
attend the quilt show, but had planned
to go tomorrow afternoon.
A friend called me with some news
that was totally unexpected...

Viewers Choice!!!
This has been the most remarkable weekend
and quilt show.
Out of 102 beautiful quilts I am honored to receive
Viewers Choice.
Thank you to everyone who voted for my quilt
and to Marita for finding a phone and sending
a picture.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yoo Woo at a local quilt show

My quilt guild is hosting a local quilt show at Octoberfest
this weekend in Lebanon, TN.
I volunteered to help hang the quilts this
afternoon.  One perk of hanging the quilt
you also get to see the ribbon winners.
Look what I saw first thing

 I talked my friend Ralph into letting me enter the
 memory quilt I made
for him made from his parents clothing.
Remember the first one with his brothers and sister's  names,
all nine of them.
1st place in pieced and quilt by 1 person medium size.
Don't you just love that one behind mine.
But wait...
The quilt I quilted for Barbara won 2nd place.
Congrads Barbara!!!
There's more...
My ICON quilt I made for my son,
later renamed
"Ian's Place" won 3rd.
I showed a peek of the next one but never the whole quilt
I'll show more pictures when I get it back.
 This one won 3rd place in the appliqued wallhanging class.
My friend, Janet, wallhanging in under mine, she won 2nd place.
Am I tooting my own horn?
So exciting. 
I am on cloud nine.
I had one more quilt at the show but it was not
 juried because it fell into the same class as Ian's Place.
There were so many beautiful quilts and I feel so fortunate
to have won.
We don't have enough room to hang every quilt,
so some have to folded or draped.
Like I said there were some beautiful quilts
A lot of talented ladies in our guild.
I'll show more pictures soon of the other quilts.
I had to take these pictures with my cell phone
and cannot download all of them at one time.
If your in the area visit Octoberfest and
vote for your favorite quilt.
Lots of fun and activities.


Friday, October 3, 2014

A wonderful surprise

I submitted a quilt in the MQX Quilt Festival
and it was excepted.
Boxed it all up and sent it away, all the way to Springfield, IL.
I wanted to attend the show, not because of my quilt,
but because I wanted to take a few classes.
I couldn't work it out this year, maybe next year.

( thank you Sue for taking this awesome picture at the MQToday show
My quilt didn't place, but look
what was in the box when I opened it.
A Faculty Ribbon!!
I am so honored to have my quilt chosen
by a member of the faculty.
It was a total surprise. 
I feel so honored to have a quilt in a show with
Karen Marchetti, Gina Perks and Margaret Soloman Gunn,
to name just a few.
I have been a follower of theirs for a long time.
Thank you ladies for sharing and encouraging.
Still have the memory quilt on the frame,
I haven't been able to work on it very much this week.
I did start piecing a winter quilt.  Working on the applique,
 everything else is finished.  Although I am thinking of adding another
 row at the bottom and top to make it a little longer (we're
tall people).
Thanks for stopping by.