Friday, October 3, 2014

A wonderful surprise

I submitted a quilt in the MQX Quilt Festival
and it was excepted.
Boxed it all up and sent it away, all the way to Springfield, IL.
I wanted to attend the show, not because of my quilt,
but because I wanted to take a few classes.
I couldn't work it out this year, maybe next year.

( thank you Sue for taking this awesome picture at the MQToday show
My quilt didn't place, but look
what was in the box when I opened it.
A Faculty Ribbon!!
I am so honored to have my quilt chosen
by a member of the faculty.
It was a total surprise. 
I feel so honored to have a quilt in a show with
Karen Marchetti, Gina Perks and Margaret Soloman Gunn,
to name just a few.
I have been a follower of theirs for a long time.
Thank you ladies for sharing and encouraging.
Still have the memory quilt on the frame,
I haven't been able to work on it very much this week.
I did start piecing a winter quilt.  Working on the applique,
 everything else is finished.  Although I am thinking of adding another
 row at the bottom and top to make it a little longer (we're
tall people).
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. congratulaitons! I didn't go to the show this time, but it is a lovely quilt - simple and elegant. Beautiful~

  2. Congratulations. Gorgeous quilt and I love what you are doing on the Dresden Memory quilt. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations!! It's a beautiful quilted definitely deserves it's ribbon! And I love the snowmen too :)

  4. Many congrats! And well deserved the quilt looks smashing!

  5. I love your quilt!! It deserves that ribbon. :D The snowman quilt project is super fun, too.

  6. Congratulations and a huge whoop whoop!! Your quilt is amazing!!! Just shows they have really good taste…. ;-)

  7. Congratulations! That is a treat. I'm surprised you didn't place though. That quilt is gorgeous.

  8. Congratulations! It is a gorgeous quilt and very worthy of a ribbon.

  9. Congratulations. Your quilt is beautiful and it deserved a ribbon.

  10. I was lucky to be able to attend MQX Midwest and remember seeing your beautiful quilt there. Congratulations on your ribbon...the quilt was gorgeous and very deserving of it! :-)