Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Almost slipped up

I almost slipped up this week posting to my blog,
So here we go.
Lets look at another quilt made by my friend Paige.
Paige loves Southern Bell quilts. 
She designs them herself.  At this time she does not
offer patterns for sell, but 
she is working on that.
Here is the before picture, when I was coming up
with a quilting plan.

  I thought the ribbon looked like an arch or harbor
surrounding her.  

I wanted to add a little detail to the applique, but without over doing it.

The dress was the hardest part to come up with a 
quilting plan, but when in doubt quilt feathers.

She requested her name on this one. 
Right above the bow was the perfect place.

Lots and lots of background fills.  Giving a lot of texture.

Feathers all the way around the Southern Bell to "frame" her.

The corners had a large open space, so what do you do?
More feathers of course.
Plus I thought this would look pretty when she 
has it on her bed.

Just a few more, because I think she turned out so pretty.

I wanted the feathers hanging down on the top of the quilt,
like Spanish Moss hanging on the trees in Savannah.

Hope you enjoyed my little Southern Bell.
Paige loved her.

Remember I am quilting full time now 
and all of my quilting is freehand.
If you have a quilt top you need finished
Just let me know.
I also quilt pantos.
Have a great rest of the evening.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Let's get caught up

I don't want to overwhelm everyone,
so I will post a little bit over time, 
to catch up.

I don't remember posting about these cuties.

I made these for cousins born 4 weeks apart.
They are made from their great grandfather's shirts.
I had made a memory quilt years ago for their grandfather and when cleaning my
sewing studio I found the left over shirts and had enough 
to make 2 little baby quilts.

The parents loved them.

I also quilted this quilt for a customer.
Would you believe this is the only picture I took.

I did get a picture of the quilt hanging in the 
Crazy Quilters show in Cookeville.

She won a HM.  The first entry for my customer and her first ribbon.

Remember I am quilting full time and 
if you have a quilt that needs finishing,
panto or custom ,contact me.
Thank you for visiting,
until next time.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Helloooo is anyone here????

It has been awhile friends.
My parents have had several health issues, so I have had to help them
with doctors, hospital stays, house work, yard work, you name it.
One big thing that has happened is I left my 8 to 5 job and have 
begun quilting full time.

Teaching at MQX in Sept was exciting and fun.
I had great students, which always makes teaching even better.
Sad note is MQX will not be in Springfield, IL this year.  
I will have to wait and see if they pick another location.
Look at what my students accomplished in class.

Lovely group of ladies.  We made these wall hangings.
First designing and then quilting.  There was not enough time for everyone to finish but they did a great job.  The lady in the last picture forgot to change threads so hers is quilted using blue thread.

I have been busy quilting and want to share a few pictures.
My plan is to post all of the quilts I have worked on since July.This is mine and 
one of my favorite quilts.
This quilt was inspired by a wall mural at a Mexican restaurant. If you click on the pictures you will see that the navy blue fabric quilted in white thread giving a lace effect. 
Thus the name "Mexcian Blue Lace"  
This was at the "Quilts in the Boro" quilt show this past Aug.
All of my quilting is freehand.

I post on Facebook, but plan on posting on my blog more often this year.
If you're on FB like my business page I dew quilting or send me a friend request.

If you have quilts that need to be quilted with a panto or custom please send me a message. 
I would love to quilt for you. 

Until tomorrow.