Thursday, January 19, 2012

One to go

                                                 I finally finished one of quilts for my boss.
                                                      I love how some of the quilting looks,
 not happy with some of it.
A little hard to see the quilting from this angle.
Leaves in the corners.

Tree in the center. 
 I could not get a real good picture, Mr. Quilt holder upper was getting cold and when he gets cold his feet and legs really really hurt, so I didn't want him to stay out too long.
The tree really looks awesome.  The tree and the leaves are the parts I really like.
I think it turned out good for my first time of more custom quilting.
The borders look really good too. (pictures are not so good)

What I wasn't pleased with is my loops and inner borders.
 Borders too plain and loops, I don't know ...
a little off.  Over all I love the way it turned out.

Here is something else I have been working on...
I found this in the bottom of a box of quilting notions.
I don't remember putting it there when we moved, and I don't know how it ended up
at the new house.  I still have a lot of old quilting stuff in storage, mauve and country blue
calico,etc., you know what I'm talking about.  But anyway, UFO found it's way to the new house.
I thought it would be good to finish it up, since I probably made it 7 or 8 years ago.
It would have looked really good in our log house in the country, not so good in our current house. 

If my memory serves me right, I never quilted it because I never could decide
on a border.  So I decided no border.  It measures 62X62, perfect size for the quilt ministry.
I need to sew on the binding and deliver to Sarah,
So Sarah this UFO is coming your way. 

I hope there is someone on your list that likes plaid.
I quilted in a large meandering with navy thread (looked better than any other color I had).
Very soft navy flannel for the back.
Even though this quilt was not on my UFO list I going to count it as one and
 link up with Susan at

That's it for me this week...what about you?
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I still have a few quilts that I need to finish from 2011.  I am working on one of my boss's (I have two bosses, (is that right bosses?) quilt right now.  I pieced both of them before Christmas, remember these were Christmas presents, but the quilting was taking me longer than I thought it would, so I had to bump a few projects ahead of theirs.  I have the one I started on before Christmas back on the frame.  I hope I have not messed up by taking it off the frame and then putting back on, so far so good.  All I have to share today is a little bit of the quilting and I hope it shows well in the pictures.
With a lot of questions answered by Ann at
I am trying my hand at custom quilting.  Hopefully you can tell this is oak leaves.  There is a cluster of these in each corner.  Smaller ones around in different areas.  Can't wait to show the tree in the center of the quilt.  I probably should explain that I work at a wholesale hardwood  lumber company.  We kiln dry red and white oak and sell to customers all over the world.  So that's why I choose oak leaves and a big tree.

Oh I just noticed I missed something.  Do you see it?  Yes a vein in one of the leaves.  I'll have to go back and correct that.  Notice the fabric, maple leaves.  Green is also our company color.  Hopefully, this will turn out close to what I had in my head. 
Joining in with Sarah at for Whoop Whoop Friday.
What are you working on?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was able to finish another Christmas t-shirt quilt, delivered on Christmas Eve.  Santa was running a little late, but she he made it in the nick of time. Santa's elf didn't hold it up very well. Something we will work on this year. 

This one was for a young lady involved in a lot of activies.  Her mother found t-shirts for everything except music.  It's hard to see but the sashing fabric has little musicial notes on it and her school colors were purple and gold. 

I was also able to finish one of the Cat in the Hat quilts for a lady at work. She wanted it made for her granddaughter's 1pm birthday party this past Saturday.
.I delivered it at 1:15p.m., nothing like being short on time.  It was a big hit at the party.
Stevie has my holder upper this time, he might have found a job if he was taller.

This one made number 34 for 2011.