Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was able to finish another Christmas t-shirt quilt, delivered on Christmas Eve.  Santa was running a little late, but she he made it in the nick of time. Santa's elf didn't hold it up very well. Something we will work on this year. 

This one was for a young lady involved in a lot of activies.  Her mother found t-shirts for everything except music.  It's hard to see but the sashing fabric has little musicial notes on it and her school colors were purple and gold. 

I was also able to finish one of the Cat in the Hat quilts for a lady at work. She wanted it made for her granddaughter's 1pm birthday party this past Saturday.
.I delivered it at 1:15p.m., nothing like being short on time.  It was a big hit at the party.
Stevie has my holder upper this time, he might have found a job if he was taller.

This one made number 34 for 2011.


  1. Good for you! Both are beautiful, and you have a pretty wonderful photography assistant there!

  2. Wonderful quilts Diane~! Aren't t-shirt quilts the best gift? I like creating them out of someone's memories. I'm lovin' the Cat and the Hat quilt. You have a great assistant there!