Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another wedding quilt

Wedding quilt... fabric bought, cut, pieced, quilted, binding attached, delivered.  Whew! Fastest one yet.

DH loved it and didn't understand why he couldn't have it and buy the newlywed couple a toaster.  Come to think of it, a toaster was on their gift list.

Used my easy go to Trip Around the World pattern.  The only thing I knew was their family room was brown, light brown walls and brown couch.  I tried keeping it neutral, brown, black and a little gray.  Love the colors. Made it a little larger, 75x92, thought it was a good size for a couple to snuggle on the couch.  I think it finished very nice, I might have to make one for myself, of course I always say that.
Congratulations to Brett and Megan! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a quickie

I am trying to finish something I only started last night and I need tomorrow night, so this will be  QUICKIE.

This is turning into a wedding quilt for a friends
daughter.  Wedding is tomorrow.

I have been working on 100 Quilts for Kids and the wedding creeped up on me. I really thought it was next weekend.  Nothing like a rush job.

Here is a sneek peek.  Show you the rest tomorrow when it's finished.  Looks like a late night.

Here is one of the baby quilts on the frame for 100Quilts for Kids.

Here is one finished except for the binding.

I made this one last Saturday with the church ladies
at Sarah's house.

Made this one after I got home.  I still have to sew on the last border.  I found some real cute fabric for the backs.  I hope to finish all of them up this weekend.  I have fabric for 2 more.  All of these will be donated to the Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle TN.

Well I need to get back to sewing. Let you know if I make my deadline tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Changed my mind

I have been working on quilts for the 100 Quilts for Kids challenge and I had planned to give
a little sneak peek. 

So far, I have received a darling quilt from Ann at and this past Saturday I went over to Sarah's house and sewed with the quilt ministry ladies.  We worked on quilts for the challenge.  The quilts that I am working on will be donated to the Down Syndrome Assoc. of Middle TN. 
 My dream is to give every newborn with DS, in our area, a quilt to feel the love and so the family will know they are not alone.  I have been wanting to do this for years, but wondered how one person could accomplish this alone.  This challenge has helped me see the light.

Now for the
 I changed my mind
I was going down my list of favorite blogs this morning and visited Ann's blog
and saw a touching story about a little boy named
First, let me say Ann did not ask me to post anything on my blog,
in fact, she doesn't even know.
You can read all about Jace
and what his family and friends are doing to raise
As a parent with a special needs child, I know some of what this family is going through.
My son was in and out of the hospital for the first six years of his life. 
I know what is feels like to have a child who can't tell you where it hurts or that something is wrong.
I know the despair that a mother feels when she cannot make her child all better.
I know the financial burden and strain that this puts on a family.
They have set up the site above and there is a place to make a donation.
I like to think in small numbers when I have fundraisers for Stevie.
If ten people donated $10.00 (a yard of fabric) that would give this family
But if those people posted on their blog and they had 10 people to donate
get the picture?

I don't know this family but I do know what they are going through.

One day this week I will share my Kids Quilt but today I thought this was more important.
Say a little prayer for Jace and his family.
There is not doubt that Stevie is here today because of prayer.

Give your child a hug today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back up for the moment

Saturday we celebrated Stevie's birthday, his actual birthday is August 31.
He is nine years old and for a little guy (5 lbs and 6 weeks early) he
has come a long way.  For someone who wasn't suppose to live long
in this world, he fought the odds, he has a purpose here.
  He is strong (sometimes too strong for his mama) and
you just tell him he can't do something and he will prove you wrong.
So here is to my little guy, the one that has given me so much love and laughter,
may you reach for the stars and achieve your goals.

Here is his brother showing him how to use his new iPad.  He will be using one at school and we thought it will encourage him to study more at home.

He also received the wrestling mask, wouldn't take it off. 
 Says he is going to be a wrestler when he grows up.  And believe me, he has some moves.
Now can I hear an AHHHHH!!

This is my new 10 week old granddaughter.  Isn't she cute?  She has more saggy skin than I do.

Ok, enough life stuff, let's move on to quilting.
Here is a quilt I made for the quilt ministry.

Sarah sent out a call that she needed a man quilt.
I thought this fit the bill, so I finished it up and delivered it to her on Monday.  I didn't  get a  picture of it finished, but jump over to Sarah's
she has a nice picture.

I also quilted this donated quilt for her.

I finally finished the football t-shirt quilt for my friend's son.
Forgive the messy background but it rained here all weekend and I took a picture
at work.  He has not seen it yet, but his mom and dad, and everyone they have showed it to, love it.
Now he is playing football for Austin Peay but I think part of his blood will still run Green and Gold.

Been working on 100Quilts for Kids quilts and one for a man at work.

That's all for me right now, what's been going on with you?
Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Computer crashes

I have been busy as a bee. 
Before I could post what I've been working on, my computer crashes,
so I have no way to post pictures. 
(sneaking in a post here at work)
I pieced two tops for Sarah for the quilt ministry,
I pieced another (daddy) shirt quilt for my friend here at work
(hopefully he will use this one) 
and I finished piecing the football t-shirt quilt for another friend's son, quilted it, binding on
and was delivered today. 
I quilted one of the ministry tops and another quilt that someone had donated to Sarah.

I will work on my computer tonight and see if I can get it up and running
so I can share pictures.
Check out what Ann at made for the

She will be sending it my way to donate to the
Down syndrome Assoc. of Middle TN.
Thank you, Ann.
Check back tomorrow and I will try to share pictures.