Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Working on a quilt I made for a customer
out of some orphan blocks she found 
in her mother's house.

Only had a few blocks that her mother had made.
The tone on tone fabric makes it really hard to 
take pictures.

Making progress.

but a lot of work left.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

a finish

This quilt was on the frame way too long.
I had the after Christmas blues, my son got sick
 and then myself.
We are all better and I am
finishing up a few quilts.

Remember this one? It is now finished.
I still need to trim and bind it.
This is a customer quilt made for her DIL.

I think it turned out great.  Love the colors.

Even though this one took a while, 
not actual quilting, but life moments.

When trying to come up with the quilting design
I kept seeing circles, but the customer wanted
leaves. I didn't see leaves.  I wanted to make her happy
so I incorporated leaves, small leaves, but leaves.

This is the next one going on the frame.
Another customer quilt.  This one is made from 
blocks she found while cleaning out her mother's house.
Sort of a memory quilt. I had a limited number of blocks
 to make three quilts, so there is a lot 
of open space.

Will post as I am quilting.
Trying not to neglect my blog this year,
not off to a great start since this is Feb.,
but will try harder.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Short and sweet today

Started a customer quilt this morning.

Beautiful quilt.  I am having fun working on it.

Got to run some errands but will be back at it later today.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas quilts

After last year I said I would never accept quilts and be rushed at 
Christmas again.  Well.....guess what??
Yes I did it again this year.  
It started out pretty simple.  A lady contacted me to quilt a king size
quilt, the first quilt she has ever made, for a Christmas gift for her daughter.
These were the only picture I took.

Doesn't show very much but it was a beautiful quilt and for a first quilt she did a great job.
By the time I had this one finished she had 3 more quilts made and wanted them quilted for Christmas. I said I would try and I did but didn't get all of them finished.

This is her second quilt she made for another daughter.

Both were beautiful quilts.  I did not take any pictures of her third and  still have one more to go.
I had better get up and get busy.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Let's Catch Up

I was looking through some pictures on my computer and realized
I had never posted some of them. 
Man, I tell you life gets real busy 
I'll try not to make it too long, but lots of eye candy.

Kelly Cline, well known for quilting linens, had a Facebook challenge.
She drew names from the comments posted.
Kelly had found a set of matching placemats and napkins.
I believe there were 8 of them.
My name was drawn and she mailed me a placemat.
We could quilt it any way we wanted.  All of the pieces will be in a traveling
quilt exhibit.  We will receive them back after they have traveled for a year.

I know the exhibit will be on display at HMQS this spring.
Kelly has set up several other shows for displaying.

This is a beautiful candlewicking quilt made by a my friend, Diana.

 Sorry to say these are the only pictures I took.  Did not take one of the whole quilt, 
but it was beautiful.

Went on a retreat and we all started making these little stars. 
 Lisa Bonjean, Primitive Gatherings, started these during the summer.

One more. 
Went to the Southern Charm Quilt show last weekend.  It is a semi-annual
show by the Cookeville Crazy Quilters.  Very surprised, but proud that a couple 
of my quilt won ribbons.
First up is "When the Stars Come Out"  it is 
a pattern by Judy Martin 
"Wedding Bands".

"Roses for Miss Alice" won also.
It was a great show and I will show more pictures of the beautiful quilts.
More to post.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Halloween/Fall wall hanging

I started making this wall hanging last year
or maybe the year before and I finally finished it
just in time to hang this year.

I will hang it in my office.
Take a little of the ho hum out of work.
Something pretty to look at.

I cheated a little to get it finished.  I sewed the applique on the 
longarm.  I know my local peeps are shaking their heads.
(not in a good way)

Turned out nice to hang in my office.

 Who's going to MQX next week??

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I made this memory quilt for a friend at work.
She was raised by her grandmother, Ms Alice.
Her grandmother passed  unexpectedly last Nov.
She knew I had made several memory quilts for co-workers and
asked if I would make one for her using her grandmothers shirts.
She had a request that I had never had before...
she wanted to frame it,
Didn't want it to get dirty or messed up,
would never be used to cover up with, she wanted
to be able to look at it everyday,
 but she wanted it big.  
I mentioned this to another
friend and was asking what would be the best way to
 mount it in a frame.
We came up with a plan.  Friend #2 happened to be at Hobby Lobby 
and saw a custom frame 40X40 in the clearance section.
She grabbed   it up bought it for me and it was perfect. 
 Have to paint a small piece of trim but she bought it for a killer price.
All that being said, now I had to make a 40X40 quilt to fit in it.
Ms Alice's shirt were all knit, so I knew I couldn't make little bitty pieces 
or stars or pinwheels it would just be too bulky.
I found a pattern of what I call a Tree of Life, 
I think it goes by several names,
but I thought Tree of Life fit what I was looking for.

The HST finished at 2" and it was still hard, due to the thickness of the shirts.

She wanted it to be special and honor her grandmother. I added her name

Ms Alice loved roses.  Every Mother's Day my friend 
would buy Ms Alice a rose bush.  
Ms Alice's yard was full of all different colors of roses. 
 Just beautiful.

She was known as Maw Maw by her grandchildren, great grandchildren and 
great great grandchildren.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest....

I can't wait to give it to my friend but it will be a little while, 
I am making small dresden plate blocks to
frame for my friend's children and grand daughter, small ones 
to fit a 12x12 frames.  
I want to give them all at the same time.

Thanks for visiting. On to the next quilt.