Sunday, November 15, 2015

Must not let a month go by without posting,
just been trying to get quilt tops made,
and those tops quilted.
All of the weddings are over, but
Christmas is approaching fast.
I was making a quilt using fabric several friends
and I picked up while we were on a retreat.
We called it our community fabric and we were
all going to make a quilt project.
I had a pattern that I had been wanting to make.
I can't remember right now the number of HST I had to make,
hundreds and hundreds, but it might as well said a million.
I opted to make a wall hanging with the ones I had
already squared up.
I don't have a picture with the binding on,
so these will have to do...
I forgot (again) to take a before picture, but some are during the quilting process.
All quilting is freehand and ruler work.  I used a straight ruler for the compass
and Quilted Pineapple's BFF ruler on the geese.
The center was very hard for me, but I think I got it.
Okay, enough teasing, here is the whole thing.
I promise it has binding now and ready to hang on my family room wall.
So many more to finish....
I think I need a larger design wall or less projects...
I'll have to buy another design wall.
Here is sneak peek, Chasity.
Thanks for coming back, I hope to do better with my postings.
So much stuff to do not enough time.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wallhanging finished

Almost forgot to post pictures of Barbara's
wall hanging.
She made this for her daughter and it goes with
the big green star quilt.
Her daughter picked out the border fabric and
Barbara picked out all of the other fabrics.
Glide thread in Prickle Pear.
Two layers of Hobbs 80/20.
I wasn't going to do a lot of heavy quilting since this is a wall hanging,
but look...
before background fill
I took this off the frame, but didn't really like that puffy
hourglass shape.
Soooo...I put it back on the frame and look at the difference a
little background fill makes, not micro, but just a little
Much better, see the difference.
All freehand on my Millie.
Have a good weekend, I'll be headed to AQS in Chattanooga.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A finish and a new one started

Finished the "Which Witch's Boot"
 The quilt maker said do what you want.
So I had fun.
SoFine black on the borders and white every where else.
Two layers batting, Hobbs 80/20 and cotton.
Started on a signature wedding quilt.
She asked that there be no quilting on the signatures.
Tried to explain they would be puffy. 
Don't really know if I like the signature block like this,
 might have to come up something.
The bride had everyone sign a block at the wedding, then I pieced the top.
Some guest didn't understand not to write pass the blue line
(I marked each block for the seam allowance)
Have a nice week.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time flies when you're having fun

Been awhile...
I didn't realize that I had not posted in
over a month...
time flies when you're having fun.
I have a lot to show since July.
I have been busy.
Some quilts I cannot share right now, but
My father's side of the family has a reunion
the first Saturday in Aug, so Stevie and I always go with him.
Although I don't know a lot of people, we always have fun.
Those of us that "make" things are asked to bring items
for door prizes. Several years ago I purchased a "Family" panel with some yardage.
I made this in about 4 nights and had just finished the binding when my
father picked us up.

Everyone loved it, my father strutted it around the room for everyone to see.
The oldest member attending (age 94) picked it as her door prize.
I had several request to make more but I could not make them understand
I can no longer buy the panel.
One man told me I had set the bar high, he will be waiting to see what
kind of quilt I bring next year.
And of course our family name.  I forgot to take a picture
 on the label I made for the back, had the name and date and a little saying.
I also made about 6 of these journal covers.
I thought they would be a hit but ended up being the last items picked.
I also finished a wall hanging for Barbara that goes with the
(she calls it the big green star quilt)
bright green bed quilt she made and I quilted.
Here is a picture to refresh your memory...
By the way, the big green star quilt won first place at the Wilson County fair.
Her  Arboretum quilt also won 1st place at the fair.
Here is a sneak peek at the wall hanging. 
 It's finished I just haven't delivered it yet.
She also had me quilt her grandson a quilt,
Another sneak peek
Not really a t shirt quilt.  I'll explain what it is when I post the finish.
This wall hanging is still on the frame but should be finished tonight,
well if I get off the computer LOL!.
I want to make one of these, but I know I never will,
I don't have the time to do all of the hand stitches.
Is this not cute? I love it!!
Crabapple Hill pattern, I think that's right.
In addition to all this LA quilting I also pieced two wedding quilt tops.
All of my quilting is freehand on my APQS Millie.
Thanks for sticking with me, promise to stay more up to date.
Remember you can click on the picture and make them bigger.
Have a good week.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quilted to Death

Without further ado....
"From This Day Forward"

(Don't look at the crappy background.)

Wedding quilt for a friend's daughter.

The pattern is on Moda Bakeshop by Karen Miller,
"Chevron With A Twist"
I did change Karen's applique to a house.

Lots of feathers, well...
cause I like feathers.

Two layers of batting, Hobbs80/20 on the bottom,
Tuscany wool on top.  SoFine #402 and Glide leather thread.

Karen's pattern is easy to follow,
very well written
and is quick to put together.

Karen also included several different layouts.

Just love this one. 
 Thanks Karen for a great pattern.
Have a good week.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wedding quilt

Last year it was baby quilts,
this year it's wedding quilts.
A friend's daughter is getting married,
so you know what that means...
yep a quilt.
I forgot to take a full view before picture,
but this is before I started quilting.
I had another quilt loaded but my thread order
did not come on Friday, so I took that one off the
frame and loaded this one, hoping to
finish it this weekend.
Of course, there has to be names
and dates.
Background fill
A little curved crosshatching and feathers.
 before background fill...
and after.
This quilt is modern meets traditional,
but I'm loving it.
Did I finish this weekend?
No, but close.
I had to replace the bobbin and my tension messed up
and I didn't feel like working on it so
I walked away.
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.
Have a blessed week.