Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I made this memory quilt for a friend at work.
She was raised by her grandmother, Ms Alice.
Her grandmother passed  unexpectedly last Nov.
She knew I had made several memory quilts for co-workers and
asked if I would make one for her using her grandmothers shirts.
She had a request that I had never had before...
she wanted to frame it,
Didn't want it to get dirty or messed up,
would never be used to cover up with, she wanted
to be able to look at it everyday,
 but she wanted it big.  
I mentioned this to another
friend and was asking what would be the best way to
 mount it in a frame.
We came up with a plan.  Friend #2 happened to be at Hobby Lobby 
and saw a custom frame 40X40 in the clearance section.
She grabbed   it up bought it for me and it was perfect. 
 Have to paint a small piece of trim but she bought it for a killer price.
All that being said, now I had to make a 40X40 quilt to fit in it.
Ms Alice's shirt were all knit, so I knew I couldn't make little bitty pieces 
or stars or pinwheels it would just be too bulky.
I found a pattern of what I call a Tree of Life, 
I think it goes by several names,
but I thought Tree of Life fit what I was looking for.

The HST finished at 2" and it was still hard, due to the thickness of the shirts.

She wanted it to be special and honor her grandmother. I added her name

Ms Alice loved roses.  Every Mother's Day my friend 
would buy Ms Alice a rose bush.  
Ms Alice's yard was full of all different colors of roses. 
 Just beautiful.

She was known as Maw Maw by her grandchildren, great grandchildren and 
great great grandchildren.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest....

I can't wait to give it to my friend but it will be a little while, 
I am making small dresden plate blocks to
frame for my friend's children and grand daughter, small ones 
to fit a 12x12 frames.  
I want to give them all at the same time.

Thanks for visiting. On to the next quilt.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Don't you just love pink and brown quilts?

I just love pink and brown
and blue and brown quilts,
just something about them.
What's funny is that I don't consider myself a
"pink" person.
I do love this quilt a friend of mine made.
In fact, I have put this high on my to do list.
So honored to quilt this one for her.
She wanted it "lightly" quilted to use on her bed.

(click on the picture to see it larger) 
I finally remembered to take a before picture.
Isn't it pretty?
And now the after....

1 layer of QD 100% cotton batting and 
SoFine thread, brown, pink and beige.
The 10" borders were fun to quilt, winding feathers, 
but doesn't show up well in the pictures. 

I just SID around the stars and it really made them "pop".
We had talked about quilting something on them
but I thought she would like it better with no quilting.
Remember she asked for light quilting.

 Her piecing was excellent.

I used rulers for the center and the SID.  Feathers are freehand.
See I have been quilting.
Several more to share in the near future.
Have a nice week.
Going on a retreat this weekend with 
my "besties".  So excited!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

This is the only picture that I took of a log cabin
quilt made by a friend.
Wedding quilting for her grandson.
The fabric was so busy I quilted an E2E.
The groom and bride loved it.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Memory quilt class

Life has been busy.
I have found minutes here and there
to piece a few tops and
quilt some.
I've showed pictures of this quilt I
quilted for a friend.
This is a memory quilt made for her cousin.
The pinwheels are made from her cousin's husband shirts.
I just love the chocolate background.
This quilt will be a class at
Runaway Quilters Retreat
this fall by my friend Marita. 
She is a wonderful teacher.
Registration opens July 1st.
She has a beautiful picture posted on her class page.
She even made a miniature 12"block and framed it.
Marita also teaches at guilds and retreats.
This is a fun quilt to make and quilt.
Doesn't have to be a memory quilt, could
be made with any fabric.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't get use to this

Gone for 3 months, then 2 post in 2 days....
don't get use to this.
I had a baby quilt request from a new mom to be.
She wanted Pooh but I couldn't find Pooh fabric
(that I liked) anywhere. 
So then she said the baby's father liked soccer,
so something with soccer.
Couldn't find that either.
Very short on time, shower was today.
I found a picture of Pooh, had it enlarged.
Kind of looked like Pooh was kicking up his leg
How about Pooh playing soccer?

I had some Pure by Sweetwater in my stash, came out years ago.
I was going to make Pooh in black but a quilting friend of
mine suggested blue for a baby boy.

I love the way it turned out and
so did the soon to be mama.

And of course I had to quilt his name.
All freehand quilting with SoFine thread
and 2 layers of 80/20 batting.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Let's Catch Up, It's been awhile

I made 5 quilt tops and quilted 10 quilts between
Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Got up early and
 stayed up late to quilt them.
  January came and I was burned out.
I had two quilts to finish up that I did not get
finished by Christmas and it was a task.
To beat everything, I took very few pictures.

All of the Christmas quilts were memory quilts.

I did work on a quilt for myself and I worked on small projects in January.
This is one of them
I had the nine patch blocks left over from my Winter Blessing quilt.
Winter Blessings was a BOM by Primitive Gathering.  It was
offered several years ago and I am just now finishing mine.
Sorry no pictures yet.
Well back to this wall hanging, the nine patches measure 3 inches.
 I just played around with the quilt.  Trying to get my quilting mojo back.
 Then my machine broke.  Operator error.  Had to order parts and
now I know more about timing a machine then I really wanted to know.
I have to say the people at APQS are the best.  Dawn, at APQS,
 worked with me over the phone, figured out the problem
and sent my parts out, I had them the next day.
We are back up and running.
I quilted a memory quilt for a friend.
I believe this was on the frame when I broke my machine.
The stars are made from her cousin's husband's shirt.
Love her dark background.  The pattern is Round and Round by
ThimbleBlossoms.  I made my uncle's quilt from the same pattern last year.
Has a lot of pieces but makes a very pretty quilt.
More on this quilt later.
That's not a whole lot for 3 months.
I have been working on some applique projects but nothing to show yet.
I take the applique with me to my son's tennis practice, so I
don't get a whole lot finished in an hour and a half but at least I'm not just sitting there.
Several things are in the works, so maybe I won't be away so long.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth,
I have been quilting so much I have not had time to post anything.
Let me try and fill you in on what has been happening.
First I made a Royal Crown quilt for Chastity.
What is this? Well the quilt blocks are made from Crown Royal bags,
 the pattern name is My Favorite Bag.  Chastity ordered all of the fabrics
and I pieced the top and then quilted it with a panto.
Sorry I don't remember the name of the panto and too lazy right now to go upstairs.
I love how it finished. Fun quilt to make.
I also finished a wedding quilt104X104 for a wedding than never happened.
The squares were made by the young man's (groom not to be) great grandmother.
His mother asked me to make a quilt from the blocks she found when her grandmother passed away
as his wedding gift.  The wedding was called off but she plans to gift it to him for his birthday.
I don't know the name of the block, but they are hand sewn from clothing.
The blocks and sashing are quilted E2E freehand and
feathers in the borders, no background fill since I working on her budget.
A customer contacted me to make 6 memory quilts. 
 A friend pieced the tops and I quilted them.
Finished 5 of them for her children and will finish one for her this weekend.
Made 4 memory quilts for my aunt to gift to her children for Christmas.
Will have pictures of them next post.
My had a doily my grandmother made, I guessed in the 1930"s,
but some one else aged it to be about 100 years old.
I quilted it and gifted it to my sister for Christmas.
She loved it and will have it framed.  The doily was 25" round.
Also quilted a Christmas quilt for a friend, forgot to take a picture.
Finally sewed the binding on this memory quilt, finished a while back.
Whew this is an extra long post.  There is more,
 but I will post the rest later.
Need to quilt a couple of quilts this weekend.
Thanks for visiting and hopefully I won't be away so long next time.
Happy New Year to you!!!