Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finally some quilting

Well, like the title finally some quilting.
I work for a small company, about 50
 employees. Out of 50 employees,
8 are expecting babies, well either expecting
or 1st time grandparents. 
Now at my real job I am an accountant,
so that is 16 percent. 
Not only that, but we will have little babies
from April til July.
This is the first of many baby quilts.
Quilt pattern is "Remember whooo loves you"
Fabric is Pure from Sweetwater several years ago.
I just had to add the baby's name.
I quilted it with a large stipple, so it would be soft.
Lite custom quilting on the owl and tree limb.
Cute, right?
The baby shower was today and the proud parents loved it.
Here's a peek at the next one.
Not quilted yet, but at least it's pieced.
I couldn't find a pattern I liked of a monkey, so I went to clip art and coloring pages on the net.
Found one I liked, had it enlarged, then he looked "lost".  So went back and found a
tree.  Same thing had it enlarged and it looked so much better. 
And of course, every baby quilt has to have the name on it. 
I plan to custom quilt the monkey and tree (lightly) and probably stipple the rest.
Piano key the border using the fabric as a guide.
Another cute one, if I say so myself,
but then all baby quilts are cute.
I have finished piecing 3 out of four of the Fowler memory quilts (my deceased boss).
I do not have pictures of all 3, but I do have this picture of one before it was finished.
I'll have to check on the name of the pattern but I do know it's by Primitive Gatherings.
Every one of them are different but all are made out of his shirts.
I must admit these have been hard to make.  I remember every shirt. 
 See that yellow shirt in the big star? 
 He loved that shirt and I didn't know until I cut into it
but it had a couple of tears on it and his wife would mend it so he could continue wearing it.
It was one of his favorites.
 I have to get back on Millie (longarm) and finish up all of these.
I'm not 100% yet, but life is good.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finally a winner and quilting again

Stevie has drawn another winner.
It is #14, Margaret at Margiestitcher.
You win 4 fat quarters

I will contact you by email to get your snail mail address.
Took me a little longer to recover from my surgery than
I had expected, but I do return to work on Monday (bummer).
Had a few set backs but I think all is taken care of.
I would like to thank everyone for your encouragement, thoughts and prayers.
I thought I would or could get so much quilty stuff done during my
2 weeks recovery, but no.  I did not get much of anything done.

Just didn't feel like sewing, quilting.
I do have a little to show.  I think I showed this wallhanging before my surgery
I loaded it and started quilting.
You'll have to over look my blue markings.
I finished piecing 2 other quilts but didn't take pictures.  I'll share those soon.
That's all I have, still tired.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Winner Winner!!!!

Sorry guys, I was with out my laptop computer this weekend
and I find it very difficult to post using my phone,
so I am just now announcing the
winner of my
I don't know how to use the random number
generator thingy, so I did it the old fashion way.
I wrote 1-126 on little pieces of paper and had
Stevie, (my son) pick one.  I must admit he thought it
was a pretty good game and we had to play it
a couple more times. 
(good way for him to practice his numbers,
two birds with one stone kind of thing)
Anyway, for the official drawing, he choose 99 which is
Sarah at
Congratulations Sarah, I will contact you by email.

I cannot thank everyone enough for visiting and following.
My followers almost tripled and that's just through Goggle,
I don't know how many signed up using a different method.
I wish I could send each and everyone a thank you gift.

I hope everyone has a great week. 
 I have not said a lot about this
but I will have surgery on Wednesday
for a blocked carotid artery.
I will be back to posting and quilting soon.

Until then, I am blown away by the response of BYG
and I cannot give everyone a prize but let's give one more
follower a chance to win.
Leave me a comment and I will draw a winner when I get out of the hospital, that way we are both winners.
(I'll be out of the hospital and you will have a prize)
I don't know what just yet, I'll have to look in the black hole (sewing room  quilting studio closet)
All you have to do is leave a comment.
Good Luck!!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

You Guys Are Awesome!!

I am just overwhelmed and excited with all the visitors and new followers.
I did not expect to GROW like this.
Thank you so much Amy Vicki, sorry about that Vicki) for
Grow Your Blog.
Mine certainly grew by leaps and bounds.
Thank you to everyone for your sweet and encouraging comments.
I am still answering all of the comments, so if I haven't gotten to you yet, I will.
Now let's see what's been happening.
I have had some medical issues arise, so I have had a lot on my mind and a lot of stress.
I will be out of commission for a week or so, so I am trying to get a lot done at home and at work.
I have jumped from one thing to another, not finishing anything.
It has been cold here, just like everywhere. 
But we are in the south our lows are suppose to be in the 30,s - 40's, not 3,s and 4's. 
I have not spent a lot of time in my sewing room studio because it is very cold in there.
I am still working on Diane's quilt.  Progress is slow, mostly because of the cold.
I have 1 more row of flowers to fill in with background and some on the border,
 but I am not motivated for some reason.
When I didn't feel like quilting I pieced some on the Dresden Plate
quilt for my late boss's (is that right?) wife made from his shirts.
I decided after I had a few rows sewed together
that it needed to be bigger so rip rip.
The centers will be black.  I tried different fabrics but always came back to the black.
What do you think? Black centers? 
Each of the blocks have one of two red shirts. 
          Would you use one of the red shirt as the middle?    
This big star will be a quilt for one of his sons. This is about 24" square.
I made this wall hanging this morning. 
See what I mean about hopping around.
I should have worked on one of the above quilts
but oh no let's start something new.
At least I finished it. It's about 43X43,
I want to hang it in my office at work.
  I used Fig Tree's Jelly Star pattern but just made one block.
The fabric is by Sweetwater.
This was a test block to see if I wanted to make a quilt.
The answer is yes, I want to make a quilt using this pattern.
When I don't know.
Now I want to quilt it, but Diane's quilt is still on the frame.

I'm linking up with Sarah
this week.
Thank you for visiting.
Stay warm.
Think Spring.
I'm ready to complain about it being too hot!!
Leave a comment on the Grow Your Blog 
post for a chance to win this
drawing will be Feb 15th.
See what I mean about hopping around.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Vicki is hosting
Grow Your Blog
A great way to find new friends.
I would love to have new followers and
find blogs that I never knew about before.
Thanks Vicki.
Welcome to my blog, 
I dew quilting,
my name is Diane
and I love quilting.

I made my first quilt top in 1994
(wow that seems like forever ago)
I have learned, I have grown and love everything about
quilting (except maybe binding).
I make traditional and modern quilts.

  I have now found a new love...
I have fallen in love with longarm quilting.
I bought my first machine in 2011 or 2012.
I didn't use it a lot.  I couldn't quilt the way I wanted to
so I just didn't use it very much.
Then I discovered the Internet and books and rulers and teachers.
Bloggers that shared their beautiful quilting and even showed and explained how they did what they did.
I sold my first machine
 and I bought a APQS Millie last year.
Millie and I get along great. 
I make Memory quilts for family and friends
 (even a few for strangers)
This one was for a friend at work, whose parents passed on within
6 months of each other.  It was made out of their clothing.
Mother and father stars surrounded by nine stars, one for each of their children.  I quilted each of their names, dates and symbols of
their life together.
Then I made one for his son 
 and his daughter.
 The children's had 23 quilted pinwheels, one for each of the grandchildren.
More pictures here Jimmy's Memory quilt
here Details, details
(because I love pictures)
My favorite quilt this past year
has to be the one I made for my son's shop.

He loved it.
It was so much fun to make,
inspired by a quilt made by
Lisa Snipes
I love the way it finished.
Even won a 1st place ribbon in a local quilt show.

Another one of my favorites is one I made for myself.

A wall hanging
for myself.
I drafted everything and free hand quilted it with Millie's help.

I make t-shirt quilts.

Wedding quilts.

Well that's a little of what I do, in addition to quilting
I work a full time job, married, have an incredible 11 year old son with Down syndrome and an older son mentioned above.

I don't post everyday, gosh I might not post every week but I do share my quilting and hope you see something that will bring you back again.

Now let's have some fun. 
 Let's have a giveaway!!
I have a Scrap Basket Surprises Quilt Club Kit.
You can make anything you like
or use the quilt on page 44 of
the Scrap Basket Surprises book.
This kit includes:
two Fresh Cotton Jelly Rolls by Fig Tree Quilts
1 3/8 yards background
5/8 yard binding
3 3/4 yards of Fresh Cotton for the backing.

I bought this kit from the Fat Quarter Shop,
it is beautiful fabric, but I know I will not use it for a long time (too many things on my list) and it is too beautiful to stay on my shelf.
Just leave a comment for a chance to win.
Drawing will be Feb 15th.
Thank you for visiting and
I hope you come back and visit again.
Would love to have you as a follower.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

A little progress

I started quilting Diane's quilt on New Year Day.
I am really loving the way it is
developing.  I say developing
because I knew how I wanted to quilt some areas
but others remain a mystery, so
it is developing.
Feathers in the middle.
I'm thinking some pebbles and McTavishing around the
applique.  What do you think?  Or a circle, maybe 3/4 inch,
right there between the feathers and flowers, straight
up from that leaf. 
I had already rolled the top, but look a little dragonfly,
It's in her new book Quilting Wide Open Spaces.
Great book by the way.
Then there was two.
Then three finished.
Applique stitched around.
Almost ready to start the background fill.
Linking  up with Sarah
Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.
We are having really cold weather in TN.

Monday, December 30, 2013

almost over

Do you reflect back on the past year?
Do you like to look forward to the new year with hopefulness?
 I do.
I did not make as many quilts this year
I think my longarm quilting has improved greatly.
Still learning a few tricks of the trade but happy and pleased at where I am right now.
There was a lot of sickness and death in
my life this past year and hopefully everyone will
be better this coming year.
This will be my first project for the new year
This top is huge 85X103.
This was made by a friend of mine.
She needle turned the applique.
I think the pattern is Mexican Rose or Mexican Flower, something like that.
Does anyone know?
She does wonderful work and she ask me to quilt it for her.
I have made some drawings and marked a few spots and now I am waiting for backing.
She had backing, but I don't know if this has ever happened to you, she prewashes all of her fabric (not me) when she washed and dried her backing it shrunk 5 inches!!!
5 inches!
I've never seen that before.  This was not big box store fabric,
this was name brand quilt shop fabric.
5 it was too short for the quilt. 
 Had to order more, waiting for the UPS man.
Can hardly wait to get started.