Sunday, December 21, 2014

and the chase is on

3 days left and trying to finish this one.
I will give all the detail when I finish this one, but for now just some peeks.
I made this quilt for my aunt whose husband passed away.
I am trying to get it finished for two reasons,
 first to give it to her for Christmas.
Second because I have another quilt that has to be finished by
mid January.
Detail work almost finished, then background fill.
With work, shopping and helping my older son with
wallpapering and painting a new shop and just life in general
working every minute I can to finish.
Sometimes that means 5 minutes at a time.
Will let you know who it goes.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

One down, one to go

I have a finish!!!
Well, except trimming
and binding, but I'm calling it a finish.
I hope you like pictures,
because I have lots of them to show.
Will have to get a better picture of his name.
A little background...
The stars are made from the shirts of
my boss who passed away last year.
I am making memory quilts for
his wife (Dresden Plate showed in previous post)
and three children.
This quilt pattern is Rockstar from Primitive Gatherings.
I left off one of the stars in the border, that way each member of the family had a star and I had a place to
quilt his name.
I quilted his wife's, children and grandchildren's name
around the quilt.
SoFine thread, 405 I think.
2 layers batting, wool on top and cotton on the bottom.
Looks good on Stevie's bed.
I am so happy with the way it finished.
Too big to show the whole quilt at time.

A heart in three of the corners for each of his children.

and the back
Still have threads to trim also.
I have another quilt I'm going to try and finish before Christmas.
Will have to see how that goes.
 It's also a memory quilt
for a family member who has received some bad
news and I think it would make her feel better
to have her husband memory quilt to comfort her.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Today is a day that most people give thanks.
I am most thankful for my wonderful family,
their unconditional love and support.
I would not be me without them.
I want to thank God for my 2 wonderful sons,
especially my special needs son. 
He has opened my eyes and I see the true meaning of love. 
Thankful for all of my friends, quilting, blogging
and all of those that put up with my quilting, not knowing what the heck I'm talking about, but smile and act like they are understanding.
Thankful that, even though my husband isn't getting better,
 at least his health is stable. 
Hopeful that I will have many more years with him.
Thankful for my job and home and all that
 I have been blessed with.
May you have a wonderful day!
(Those lines are straight.)
Working on background fill.
Trying to finish up this one because I have a
special quilt I want to finish for Christmas.
Yes, I know less than 30 days,
 but my sister says I work better under pressure.
Happy turkey day!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Charlie memory quilt

Started the third memory quilt for
Charlie's family.
Okay, now this one is my favorite.
I will go back and quilt all of the background filler
at one time
and remove all of the marking.
What do you get when you buy a
cheap camera?
A cheap camera that doesn't take very good pictures.
Stay warm and have a good weekend.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The BIG one finished

This one has been on the frame so long
I thought maybe it had grown
attached to my frame.
It is so big, 105X105, that I could not find
anywhere to take a picture of the whole quilt.
This was as close as I could get, hanging it
on my railing, but still can't see 2 row.
Even too large for my queen size bed.
This quilt is made in memory of my boss,
Charlie,  Large Charles as some called him.
He was a large man and his heart was as just as large.
He played college football and several years for the Miami
Dolphins.  He was funny, miss his stories, miss his laugh.
Every time I had a problem with this quilt, I would laugh and say
"Charlie that not funny, stop now and let me finish
 this for Anne P".  At first, this quilt and the quilts for his
children was very hard to work on.  I cried and cried the first couple of shirts I cut up.
 The blades and corner stones are made from his shirts.
I used So Fine thread, two layers of batting,  cotton on the bottom and wool on top.
I wish I could have taken better picture because
 it is a beautiful quilt if I say so myself.
A quilt for one of his sons goes on the frame next.
Thanks for visiting, have a good week.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another surprise

I had yard work today so I couldn't
attend the quilt show, but had planned
to go tomorrow afternoon.
A friend called me with some news
that was totally unexpected...

Viewers Choice!!!
This has been the most remarkable weekend
and quilt show.
Out of 102 beautiful quilts I am honored to receive
Viewers Choice.
Thank you to everyone who voted for my quilt
and to Marita for finding a phone and sending
a picture.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yoo Woo at a local quilt show

My quilt guild is hosting a local quilt show at Octoberfest
this weekend in Lebanon, TN.
I volunteered to help hang the quilts this
afternoon.  One perk of hanging the quilt
you also get to see the ribbon winners.
Look what I saw first thing

 I talked my friend Ralph into letting me enter the
 memory quilt I made
for him made from his parents clothing.
Remember the first one with his brothers and sister's  names,
all nine of them.
1st place in pieced and quilt by 1 person medium size.
Don't you just love that one behind mine.
But wait...
The quilt I quilted for Barbara won 2nd place.
Congrads Barbara!!!
There's more...
My ICON quilt I made for my son,
later renamed
"Ian's Place" won 3rd.
I showed a peek of the next one but never the whole quilt
I'll show more pictures when I get it back.
 This one won 3rd place in the appliqued wallhanging class.
My friend, Janet, wallhanging in under mine, she won 2nd place.
Am I tooting my own horn?
So exciting. 
I am on cloud nine.
I had one more quilt at the show but it was not
 juried because it fell into the same class as Ian's Place.
There were so many beautiful quilts and I feel so fortunate
to have won.
We don't have enough room to hang every quilt,
so some have to folded or draped.
Like I said there were some beautiful quilts
A lot of talented ladies in our guild.
I'll show more pictures soon of the other quilts.
I had to take these pictures with my cell phone
and cannot download all of them at one time.
If your in the area visit Octoberfest and
vote for your favorite quilt.
Lots of fun and activities.