Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For some strange reason, I could not link up yesterday.  So.....update is below

Monday, May 30, 2011

May H2H update

Time for the end of month update
H2H Quilts.
Today was supposed to be my day to quilt
(seems like it is not going to be an all day thing, plans changed)
I don't have a lot of progress to show since
Friday.  I have to get moving time is ticking. 
Seems like a lot of people are finished with
one and either working or finished
on a second one.
I have a quick quilt in mind for a second
one, but I have to get the first one finished.
Well here is a look at my progress.

I have all of the blocks made so...
rows next.  Can't decide if I want to put borders or not.
Well, that's my not so much update update.

As soon as my parents come this morning to help me finish up my landscaping
(after today everything should be finished except for watering and mowing (uck!)
I will retreat to my get away space
and work on my teacher totes and my H2H quilt.
Teacher totes need to be finished by Thursday
(last day of school, Yeah!!)
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday update

Wow what a fast week!! 
I had a small amount of time to spend quilting this week.
I made progress on my H2H quilt.
I think I failed to mention my H2H partner is Pam Nagle.
Here's a look at it
I really like the way it is turning out.
I plan to get all of my yard work and housework finished Saturday and Sunday afternoon so that
I can sew all day on Monday.  I would like to finish the flimsy and have it
ready to quilt next week. 

Hopefully, when I finish I can take a picture outside.  The colors are

I also want to share a quilt that I made my son several years ago.

A lot of small pieces but it is still one of my favorites.
I believe the pattern is Young Man's Fancy.
(There is a pattern that is very similar but the corners are a
little different.)  If you click on the picture you might be able to see
the tiny pattern on the fabric.  I've made several quilts using this pattern 
through the years.  There is actually one on my UFO list.  All it needs is quilting 
on two borders and binding.  Maybe someday soon.

Thanks for visiting. 
Remember our military, past and present, on Monday.  

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a score!!

No, I'm not talking about a sports game, well... unless buying fabric is a sport.  Which may be the case with some of us.  I decided to drive to my LQS in Goodlettsville, The Quilter's Attic, last Saturday.  I had in mind to made 3 totes for my son's teachers at school, something very simple. 
 I had in mind some Sunkissed. 

When I arrived at the store to find the Sunkissed, lo and behold, something caught my eye. Something bright and colorful, the color and design just jumped off of the fabric.  Little did I know the was something I had seen online but didn't really like  (sorry!)   You're asking what was this fabric.

Central Park by Kate Spain. There were a few pieces that did not fit in with what I wanted, but OMG I fell in love with the colors. (And I'm not a color person, I tend to go with browns, blacks, dark colors) I bought enough for the 3 totes and hopefully a little extra for a small quilt.
Then as I was looking around the store, just looking to see if something else caught my attention, what did I see sitting on a shelf all by itself. So many people must have passed it by.

This was my lucky day!!

This is what caught my attention and I was so scared someone else in the store was going to come up behind me and snatch it away. I grabbed it up immedately.

Folded and tied with a little green ribbon....Authentic by Sweetwater!!! FQ bundle. I missed it when it first came out and have looked high n'low for some. You want to know the best part......

There were 2 of them!!(happy dance) Well I had both in my grips and felt like I had won the lottery. What am I going to make with them? Don't really know, some will be framed to hang on the wall. (Guess I should tell you that I bought a canvas hometown piece from Sweetwater and this will look great together.) I'll let you know what I decide to make with the rest. Let me know, if you know, where I can find some yardage.
Well I blew my whole monthly fabric budget in one BIG sweep, but I was excited and it made up for such a bad depressing week.

I have been working on the teachers totes and should have them finished this week, or at the latest next weekend. Have to, last day of school is June 3.

Not a lot of sewing this week, had something to do every night, but this coming week looks much better.
 (so far anyway)
Sorry, Susan, I haven't even thought about UFO's.

I don't know if a fabric score is considered a Whoop Whoop,
but I did make a little progress on my H2H quilt.

Ballgame, yardwork (yuck) at my son's house, no less (what a mother will do) and then maybe, just maybe some me (sewing) time.
Have a nice week and thanks for visiting.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Good Die Young

I am still around, still quilting and trying to stay caught up with everyday life.  I have made progress and will have pictures this week.

We received very tragic news on Friday afternoon.  The ones of you in the area have probably already heard about it on the news.  Trousdale County, in Tennessee,  lost three young boys in a horrible car accident.  The youngest of the three, 14 year old Jonathan Berry, brother works with me.  When Tyler, (the 14 year old's brother) came into my office Friday and said he had to leave early, I thought he was kidding around, you know Friday afternoon and all.  Then he broke down and told me his little brother had been killed and he needed to get home.  The President of our company drove him home.  We are a small company, more like family, and the community is small, I think the school has about 400 students.  The loss of 3 young boys has been devasting.  The other two boys were 16 years old.  The boys were traveling on a 2 lane, winding, curvy, hilly road when they crossed over the yellow line on one of the curves and hit a tractor trailer head on.  Even though I am not part of the family, this was weighed heavy on me this weekend.  It has occupied me thoughts and ability to function.  Even though I had time to sew this weekend, I just couldn't.  I wanted to do something for Tyler to ease some of his pain but I couldn't come up with anything.  I had thought about making him a quilt, but I didn't know if he would find that odd and stupid.  (Tyler is only 23)  I haven't really come up with anything.

Please pray for these families, that God will help they find peace.

I'll return this week in a lighter mood and share some things that I have been working on.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Whee..Vacation Over (thank goodness)

I took a vacation from my 8 to 5 job last week.  Although I had visions of sewing and quilting at least part of the time, it never happened.  As most people know, we had servere thunderstorms and rain most of last week, the horrible tornados were south of us.  My sister had come down to visit and help with somethings around our parents house.  Monday was mulch day, we started early, thought we would finish my parents house and start mine. Nope, didn't happen.  It started raining shortly after we started.  Did we stop?  No, we kept on working in the pouring rain, I mean one's clothes can only get so wet.  I had to knock off around lunchtime to drive to the office for my friends retirement party.  Wonderful time but sad saying goodbye to a good friend.  He loved his quilt, he cried, which made it so worthwhile.  I took pictures, but used my sister's camera, so I will have to get her to send them to me.

Returned to my parents house to help finish up the mulch.  Don't really know what happen, but I tripped or something pushing the wheelbarrow, fell , as I fell I rammed into the shovel handle and cracked 2 ribs, banged up my knee and hurt my arm, but we managed to finish mulching right before dark. Later in the week I broke two of my toes.

Tuesday we took my father to Woodbury, TN.  This is where his family is from. (My father never lived in Woodbury, but both sides of his family did) We visited the cemetery in another rain storm.  Our pants were wet up to our knees and the water was over our shoes, but we found what we were looking for.  We then drove around town and my dad shared different stories with us and showed us several places.  We then found the "family farm" and on this farm is my father's father family cemetery.(My father did not know very much about his father)  Amazing!!!  I know a lot of people won't find this interesting  but I really enjoyed the day with my father.  We found his grandmother grave, he never knew her and never knew about the family cemetery

That's my father on the left, talking to man who owns the farm now. I brought two ticks with me, lucky me.

Ok, enough about that. I received fabric from my H2H swap partner.

A beautiful layer cake. Now the task of what to make with it.

Such wonderful colors.

This is what I came up with. Rectangle within a rectangle. I needed something fairly simple. I will use off-white sashing. There should be a few squares left over to use on the back. I think it will be very pretty when I finish.

I also made this baby quilt. I think it needs a border but ran out of the poke-a-dot fabric and can't find anymore, but I will figure out something. I have plans for this little quilt and I'll share that later.

I didn't work on any UFO's these past two weeks, but got a good start on my H2H project. I need to start on my Awesome quilt along.

Well that's my progress, not much for two weeks, but we do what we can.