Monday, April 16, 2012

H2H check in

It's update time over at Sarah's
on the H2H charity quilts.

If you remember I was proud and excited because
I got a jump start and finished 2 tops shortly after
Sarah posted the challenge. 
That excitement was short lived.
I found out about the benefit for Jonah and
wanted to make a raffle quilt. 
 (ready to FedEx to Jonah's mother
 this afternoon) 
Then there's the friend that wants a quilt for a
new granddaughter due anytime, but the baby shower is this weekend.
Graduations, teacher appreciation the list goes on and on.

I have the fabric for my 2 manly H2H quilts and the patterns laying on top of the stacks.
Patiently waiting for me to take out rotary cutter and get started.
I have shared these before but here they are again
This is my first Happy Chemo quilt.  I think it turned out very pretty.
Great pattern for those large prints.  I still don't know how to take it , but my DH wanted to make sure this was not for our house.  LOL!

The other top I have pieced is for the NOLA project.  A girly quilt.
Check out every one's progress over at Sarah's. 
There are some beautiful quilts being made for these
2 charities.
I don't think it is too late to join in.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New to me

Just a quick post to show what's been going on
in the  bonus room studio.
Jonah's raffle quilt is on the frame.
Even though I am in a time crunch to
have the quilt finished for the benefit I wanted
to try some "new to me" quilting.

A little crosshatching and cc's.
I did something different on the borders but
can't show them just yet.  It's not that they are secret,
but at the moment they are rolled up.
Not perfect but I think it will look great.
See that little ruler, Ann at
told me about it.  Took a while to get the hang of it, but now I love to use it.

I also started a commission baby quilt.
Colors are a little bold but they match the nursery.

Yes, same pattern, (as Dr Suess quilts) different fabric.  I think this lady thinks this is all
 I can make. LOL
Actually, all of the quilts are for her grandchildren and she doesn't want one to feel they received less than the others, so she wants them all alike but different colors.
Fine with me as long as she keeps paying.  I'm saving up for Paducah.

I want to quilt butterflies and flowers randomly in some of the squares.  I found the cutest fabric for the back and maybe the borders, I haven't decided yet.  I made the
 1 inch blocks for the middle strips and of course her name will added in the white strip.  Trying to decide what color to use for the name.  She wants black but I'm not real sure that will look right.  The white dots are just to keep the rows numbered so I don't get them out of order.

Looks like I will have a busy weekend.  I need to help older son at his house,
finish Jonah's quilt, start quilting baby quilt and finish up tax returns.

That's all for me, how has your week been?

Whoop Whoop
it's Friday.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stars for Jonah

Whoop Whoop it's Friday

I told you about Jonah last week and on Wednesday.
My sister knows his mother and his
 family is having a benefit auction to raise money.

I am making a quilt to place in the auction.
I need to sew on the last border and then I'll be ready to quilt it.
If you would like to help the family leave me a comment or email me.
Rain kept me from taking an outside picture, so even though the picture
is not best, the quilt is turning out very pretty.

Made with Portabella Market by Three Sisters for Moda.
Beautiful blues, taupe, greens and deep reds.

That's what I've worked on this week, how about you?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet Jonah

This is the baby I spoke of in my last post. 
 Okay, I got a few things wrong... mainly his name.  I got the first letter right 
and they are kind of
similar... sort of...

 What can I say,
 when my sister and I have senior moments together there are always issues.

I had never heard of a Chinese auction, I had to look it up on the Internet.
In a nut shell, there are several items up for auction and
 you buy tickets for which items you want to win.
  Then a ticket is drawn for each item for the winner. 
The more tickets you buy the better your odds.   
If you would like to buy tickets for the raffle quilt
they will be $5.00. 

 Email me or Jenna (hope my sister got that name right, just kidding ) her email is on the poster.
If you email Jenna directly, please let her know that Sharon's sister told you about the benefit.
Jenna is making chocolate lollipops and selling them at the office where she works
for a dollar to help raise money. 

I know I'm talking to quilters, who make their own quilts, but you could win
with only $5.00 (or more) and then donate the quilt to your favorite charity.
If you are involved in H2H challenge (button on right)  you would have one already made and you have helped a baby in need.

Check back on the quilt progress on Friday
 and there may be a little something extra for you.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday all ready? Really!

My weekend sure went by fast.
How about your's?
My father was waiting for me when I got home on Friday.
He bought his first brand new riding lawn mower.
He has had a riding lawn mower for years and years, but he always brought used ones.
This new one is brand new.
Never have I seen anyone get so excited to mow grass.
He has mowed his yard (my mother even said he did a good job), Mowed my son's yard twice in one week and helped me with our yard Friday night.
Finished right before dark.

Saturday I sewed a little while before taking Stevie to his
baseball game.  Then to Micky D's for lunch and he wanted to play in the play area
for a while.  Had to buy ice cream to get him to leave.
Changed clothes and went to my other son's house to work.
He has decide he wants to sell and move from the surburbs and buy in downtown Nashville.
Lots of painting, cleaning up (he's single and all that implies), cleaning carpets, etc.

Sunday I sewed for a couple of hours, cooked breakfast and headed back to DS house to work again.
Came home, washed clothes, cooked dinner, got Stevie ready for bed.
Sewed for a couple of hours while watching tv.
Whee!  At least I get to go back to work today.

I started on Joshua's raffle quilt.
 Everyone that asked for more information on Joshua I will have that information this week.

Just alittle sneek peek and a terrible photo. 
Here is how I made those star points.
This is not something I came up with.  It was about 15 years ago that someone showed me this little shortcut.  Takes the boredom out of drawing those lines.

I place a strip on painters tape on the bed of my sewing machine, lining up the sewing line.
Make sure you use painters tape, not masking tape, ask me how I know.
Chain piece.

Trim the corner off with a ruler. Press.  A lot quicker than drawing lines.
The trimmed off corners can be saved for HST but mine were too small.

Well, off to work now.  First of the month, again.