Friday, April 13, 2012

New to me

Just a quick post to show what's been going on
in the  bonus room studio.
Jonah's raffle quilt is on the frame.
Even though I am in a time crunch to
have the quilt finished for the benefit I wanted
to try some "new to me" quilting.

A little crosshatching and cc's.
I did something different on the borders but
can't show them just yet.  It's not that they are secret,
but at the moment they are rolled up.
Not perfect but I think it will look great.
See that little ruler, Ann at
told me about it.  Took a while to get the hang of it, but now I love to use it.

I also started a commission baby quilt.
Colors are a little bold but they match the nursery.

Yes, same pattern, (as Dr Suess quilts) different fabric.  I think this lady thinks this is all
 I can make. LOL
Actually, all of the quilts are for her grandchildren and she doesn't want one to feel they received less than the others, so she wants them all alike but different colors.
Fine with me as long as she keeps paying.  I'm saving up for Paducah.

I want to quilt butterflies and flowers randomly in some of the squares.  I found the cutest fabric for the back and maybe the borders, I haven't decided yet.  I made the
 1 inch blocks for the middle strips and of course her name will added in the white strip.  Trying to decide what color to use for the name.  She wants black but I'm not real sure that will look right.  The white dots are just to keep the rows numbered so I don't get them out of order.

Looks like I will have a busy weekend.  I need to help older son at his house,
finish Jonah's quilt, start quilting baby quilt and finish up tax returns.

That's all for me, how has your week been?

Whoop Whoop
it's Friday.

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  1. I love trying new things. Looks like the benefit quilt is coming along nicely!

    The baby quilt is great. Can't wait to see it with the name stitched on!

  2. Love the quilting on Jonah's quilt! What we can see is beautiful. And that baby quilt is adorable!!

  3. Very pretty. I love the colors and the pattern.

  4. Beautiful quilting on Jonah's quilt, and I love the commission quilt!! Whoop whoop!!

    PS When are you going to Paducah - all week?