Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday all ready? Really!

My weekend sure went by fast.
How about your's?
My father was waiting for me when I got home on Friday.
He bought his first brand new riding lawn mower.
He has had a riding lawn mower for years and years, but he always brought used ones.
This new one is brand new.
Never have I seen anyone get so excited to mow grass.
He has mowed his yard (my mother even said he did a good job), Mowed my son's yard twice in one week and helped me with our yard Friday night.
Finished right before dark.

Saturday I sewed a little while before taking Stevie to his
baseball game.  Then to Micky D's for lunch and he wanted to play in the play area
for a while.  Had to buy ice cream to get him to leave.
Changed clothes and went to my other son's house to work.
He has decide he wants to sell and move from the surburbs and buy in downtown Nashville.
Lots of painting, cleaning up (he's single and all that implies), cleaning carpets, etc.

Sunday I sewed for a couple of hours, cooked breakfast and headed back to DS house to work again.
Came home, washed clothes, cooked dinner, got Stevie ready for bed.
Sewed for a couple of hours while watching tv.
Whee!  At least I get to go back to work today.

I started on Joshua's raffle quilt.
 Everyone that asked for more information on Joshua I will have that information this week.

Just alittle sneek peek and a terrible photo. 
Here is how I made those star points.
This is not something I came up with.  It was about 15 years ago that someone showed me this little shortcut.  Takes the boredom out of drawing those lines.

I place a strip on painters tape on the bed of my sewing machine, lining up the sewing line.
Make sure you use painters tape, not masking tape, ask me how I know.
Chain piece.

Trim the corner off with a ruler. Press.  A lot quicker than drawing lines.
The trimmed off corners can be saved for HST but mine were too small.

Well, off to work now.  First of the month, again.

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