Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I made this memory quilt for a friend at work.
She was raised by her grandmother, Ms Alice.
Her grandmother passed  unexpectedly last Nov.
She knew I had made several memory quilts for co-workers and
asked if I would make one for her using her grandmothers shirts.
She had a request that I had never had before...
she wanted to frame it,
Didn't want it to get dirty or messed up,
would never be used to cover up with, she wanted
to be able to look at it everyday,
 but she wanted it big.  
I mentioned this to another
friend and was asking what would be the best way to
 mount it in a frame.
We came up with a plan.  Friend #2 happened to be at Hobby Lobby 
and saw a custom frame 40X40 in the clearance section.
She grabbed   it up bought it for me and it was perfect. 
 Have to paint a small piece of trim but she bought it for a killer price.
All that being said, now I had to make a 40X40 quilt to fit in it.
Ms Alice's shirt were all knit, so I knew I couldn't make little bitty pieces 
or stars or pinwheels it would just be too bulky.
I found a pattern of what I call a Tree of Life, 
I think it goes by several names,
but I thought Tree of Life fit what I was looking for.

The HST finished at 2" and it was still hard, due to the thickness of the shirts.

She wanted it to be special and honor her grandmother. I added her name

Ms Alice loved roses.  Every Mother's Day my friend 
would buy Ms Alice a rose bush.  
Ms Alice's yard was full of all different colors of roses. 
 Just beautiful.

She was known as Maw Maw by her grandchildren, great grandchildren and 
great great grandchildren.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest....

I can't wait to give it to my friend but it will be a little while, 
I am making small dresden plate blocks to
frame for my friend's children and grand daughter, small ones 
to fit a 12x12 frames.  
I want to give them all at the same time.

Thanks for visiting. On to the next quilt.