Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barbara's finished quilt

Barbara picked her quilt up today at
my favorite LQS, The Quilter's Path, 
so time to share some pictures.
Barbara's piecing is fantastic.
 I bought a set of Linda Hrcka's
curved rulers and used every one of them on this quilt.
Barbara fussy cut the center of her stars and borders, so I didn't want to cover up or take away from that.
See the center of the stars, I tried to duplicate that
motif in the quilting.
Barbara's daughter picked out the star and border
fabric and Barbara did a great job picking out the other fabrics.
Double batt, 100% cotton and 80/20 Hobbs.
Glide thread in Pickled Pear, light blue in borders.
All quilting is freehand and ruler work.
I'm trying to remember to take a before and after picture.
Soooo this is before....
this is after
Cool, right?
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.
Who's going to Paducah???
Will be there on Wednesday. 
Anyone need pictures taken?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A little gift to my friend

I showed a sneek peek of this wall hanging
a couple of weeks ago
 but was waiting on sharing it until I gave
 it to a friend for her
new shop she is moving to.
I took it by her shop on Friday,
so now I can share.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
It was cloudy Friday so I waited until I
got to her shop to take pictures,
hoping for a little sunshine.
She loves bunnies, they are all
through her shop.
Mr Bunny is a little wrinkled from being
rolled up all day, but unlike me, he will
lose his wrinkles before long.
She also has a lot of pots of flowers outside and inside
of the shop, so I had to add a couple of flower pots
or baskets.
And of course I had to add the name of her shop.
More pictures than I thought.
I used two layers Hobbs 80/20.  Glide thread in
Linen (love that thread) All quilting is freehand.
Thanks for visiting. 
 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.
Stevie and I will be in the Best Buddies Walk tomorrow,
so hoping for a beautiful day.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to everyone.
May you find the most eggs,
wear the prettiest dress,
and have Our Lord,
Jesus Christ in your heart and soul.
Made very small progress
on my quilt, but coming along.
My stand came in and I can't thank everyone enough for your suggestions.  Now I can see the whole quilt at one time.
Have a wonderful Easter.