Monday, June 9, 2014

Couldn't wait

I couldn't wait to see what a block was going  to look like.
12 more to go and I'll be finished. (LOL)
Pebbling, McTavishing (my way) and feathers there is no better combination.
I'm loving it.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's up

Internet has been down.
I've been busy quilting.
Grass keeps growing.
Swimming pool opened.
Oh the wonders of summer.
Remember the monkey baby quilt ?
Yep, that one. 
Well I quilted it, looked real cute, a lot
of detail on the monkey and tree,
sewed the binding on, washed it, put it a box and
wrapped it nice and pretty.
Did you catch what I left out.
I did not take one picture of the finished quilt.
Made Stevie's teacher's  really cute little quilts
that fit on a cute little frame.
(I make a lot of little cute things LOL)
Did I take a picture?
Nooo, did not.
They have been Stevie's teachers for 4 years,
so I thought they needed something a little special.
My little boy has grown up and taking the BIG step to
No pictures, though.
I did get a picture or two of my big boy's
I made a commission t-shirt quilt for a high school graduation.
Actually it was made from soccer jerseys.
The shirts were first given and cut up by someone who
had never made a quilt.
Yes, a mess. 
The sun makes it look real puffy but it really wasn't.
This is the design they wanted.
I started on AP's quilt.
The memory quilt of her husband's (my boss) shirts.
This is the quilt she wanted, a Dresden plate,
 but I will also make her a
quilt I want to give her.
You know what I mean....
names and such.
Love the border.
It's a big one, 112X112.
Yes I was a little crazy when I made this one.
A lot of feathers.
More later, I see some weeds growing in my flower beds.
One last thing, check out what Sarah's,
is making to make money to adopt a son.
She is trying to sell 150 in 5 days.
This is day three so you'll have to hurry.
Giveaway too.
Mention you saw it on my blog.
I can't decide whether to get a custom one with
my blog name or a quilt square or the sewing machine. 
Wow too many choices.