Sunday, May 18, 2014

entry #2 in the Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my 2nd entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.
Amy is hosting the Quilt Fest again this spring.
This is my entry in the original design.
No you're not looking at entry #1.
This is Virginia's quilt,
Jimmy's sister.
Since this a girl quilt I quilted a lot of feathers, actually I have quilted guy quilts with feather also.
You may know the story already, but for those first time visitors, here goes ...
I have a friend at work who lost both parents within 6 months.  I told him when his mother passed that I would make him a quilt using her clothing.  Before he gave me his mothers clothing his father passed.  He wanted 1 quilt using both of their clothing, which I did.  He loved his quilt and would sit, sometimes with his brothers and sisters, and remember something about every shirt, every skirt,
 every pair of pants.
Every time Virginia would see her father's quilt she would cry.
So I told my friend I just had to make her one for Christmas, along with her brother Jimmy.
Can't make a quilt for one and not the other.
All three are similar but different.  Since I never wrote instructions or measurements of any of them they are all originals, one of a kind.  I used the same clothing and general layout but each is different.

The family name. 
 On the left hand side a leaf because her grandfather passed in the fall.
A daffodil because her grandmother passed in the spring. 
 Double wedding for 56 years of marriage. (I thought it was pretty cool that they married in 1956 and they were married for 56 years.
The large star in the middle is half and half of each of their clothing.
There are nine pieced pinwheel, one for each of their children, along with their names.
There are 23 quilted pinwheels in the border for each of their grandchildren.
Well I guess you have guessed that Virginia loved her quilt and her brother did also.
I have entered jimmy's quilt in the large quilt class.
Even the back is pretty cool
You probably already know but click on the pictures to enlarge.
There are a lot of quilts at the Quilt Fest, thank you for stopping by,
 come back any time.
Would love for you to vote for Virginia's quilt.
Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Blogger's Quilt Fest

Today is the first day(or at least it was when I start writing this post)  of Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival.
A fun time for all of us that do not get to attend Market.
I had a hard time deciding which quilts to enter and what class to enter them in. 
This is my entry for large quilt.
It's also the quilt in my header.
This is Jimmy's Christmas quilt.

Some of you have already heard the story.  I made a memory quilt
for a friend at work out of his parents clothing.  His mother and father passed
away within 6 months of each other.  His daughter loved his quilt and cried every time she saw it.
When he told me this of course I said well I'll have to make her one.  Well you can't make one child a quilt without making the other child one also.
This was his son's, Jimmy, Christmas present except I didn't get it finished
 until the day after Christmas.
The quilt is made from his grandparents clothing.  It has the name of their children and a pinwheel for each of their children. I also quilted a pinwheel around the quilt for each one of their grandchildren, all 26 of them.  It also has the family name and a buttercup because his grandmother passed away in the spring and a leaf for his grandfather who passed away in the fall.

I did go back and added more quilting in the middle star, I thought it was too puffy.

My original post is here if your are interested  More pictures on that post.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Jimmy (20)  loved his quilt.  He cried when he saw it and will not let it leave his house.

I love the border.

I would appreciate your vote.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

Now I have to decide which other quilt I want to enter.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Checking in this late Sunday afternoon.
I had another baby shower this afternoon.
Wonderful day, a little windy, I spent most of the afternoon
picking up my table decorations
off of the ground.  The tablecloths were
airborne most of the time, spilling drinks and
turning over plates, but it was a pretty and sunny day.
There was only one problem,
one BIG problem. huge embarrassing moment.
Remember the quilt I made the new parents?
See the name (it is really pretty quilting, picture does not do justice)
I asked the father, I asked the grandmother, in fact I asked them several times "what's her name?"  I even wrote down what the grandmother (co-worker) told me.
Guess what?
Yeah, you have probably guessed.
I got the name wrong.  WRONG!!
This has never happened before, I have always been so careful.
All I could think of was "One of these days this is going to be a funny story".
Name should be Winter Lee Rose, not
Winter Rose Lee.
Well who ever heard of four names anyway,
double middle names or whatever you want to call it.
I personally think my way sounds better.
Maybe one day it will be a funny story.