Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jimmy's Memory quilt

Jimmy's Christmas quilt has been delivered,
I was a couple of days late.
 I tried with everything I had in me to finish on time,
just didn't happen this time.

A lot of quilting.
As I was working on it, I kept wondering why it was taking me so much longer than Virginia's, but then I noticed
how much more detail this one had.
I was running behind and trying to finish for Christmas Eve,
being in a hurry I didn't get to quilt everything like I had intended.  When I had the quilt laying on my bed (found this is the best place in my house to take pictures, especially in the morning) I noticed I had failed to quilt a section, you might see it in the upper left corner by the pinwheel.
Since by that time I knew I was not going to have it finished by Christmas Eve I put it back on the frame and quilted  more. Wouldn't you know I didn't take a picture when I finished.  I was sewing the label on yesterday morning before I went to work.  I did quilt more on the middle star and the pinwheels, you will have to use your imagination or take a look at Virginia's (last post) I quilted them almost the same.
This might help with size. 
Some of the quilting is quite small.  Took a long time.
A closer look at the borders.  I did quilt some detail in the pinwheels and they looked a lot better.
Each border motif is quilted a little different, that way if I forgot what I did on the top border it wouldn't matter, plus I think it gives it a little motion.

 You can click on any picture to view full screen.

I used Glide thread, color Linen.  Not a true white but showed up nicely on the white background.  On the middle star and pinwheels I used So Fine navy, I didn't have time to change color for each pinwheel but the navy actually looked good on all of them.

 Look how the quilting shows on the back.  Just love it.
The quilt is 66X66.
Love how this one turned out.
Can't wait to hear about their reaction.
Almost forgot, I used two layers of batting W&N cotton on the bottom and a poly on the top.  If you followed on Virginia's quilt, I was trying to keep the cost down and that's why we decided to use a poly.  It quilted nicely, had no problems.

 The binding was a small stripe from the same fabric line.
I did deliver the Pinball quilts to their new owner but I did not take a picture (can't believe I did that)  She had me make four of them for her and her siblings out of their father's shirts.  She called me while I was driving back home to ask if I had enough shirts left to make 3 more for her aunt, uncle and niece.  So I guess she like them.
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  1. Diane, that quilt is amazing!! And it's not too late to link up with Whoop Whoop Fridays - it closes Sunday at midnight. But I'll leave you a whoop whoop even if you don't link up!!! It's awesome!!! Whoop whoop whoop!!

  2. what a wonderfil quilt, I sew sew love it

  3. That is a fantastic whoop whoop. I am just amazed at your gorgeous work.

  4. That's gorgeous! The quilting is amazing! Late or not, it's going to be cherished!

  5. It's been wonderful watching you quilt these quilts. Your creative stitching talent is awesome and is so personal for those receiving your "art"!!! Looking forward to following you in 2014!!! Blessings and hugs......................

  6. What a beautiful quilt. I am sure it will be treasured. Your quilting is inspiring.

  7. Diane, this is absolutely gorgeous! (I love Glide thread too!)

  8. This has to be the most beautiful handmade quilt I have ever seen. what an amazing piece of art. Your quilting stitches are out of this world, and the star in the center...well, it is heavenly. What a wonderful gift of love...a gift that will be used and treasured for years and years to come. genie

  9. This is so amazing! I love the way you did the lettering. So much so, that I tried a bit of this myself today. I was wondering what you use for batting? Thanks!

    sew4given AT aol DOT com