Monday, December 30, 2013

almost over

Do you reflect back on the past year?
Do you like to look forward to the new year with hopefulness?
 I do.
I did not make as many quilts this year
I think my longarm quilting has improved greatly.
Still learning a few tricks of the trade but happy and pleased at where I am right now.
There was a lot of sickness and death in
my life this past year and hopefully everyone will
be better this coming year.
This will be my first project for the new year
This top is huge 85X103.
This was made by a friend of mine.
She needle turned the applique.
I think the pattern is Mexican Rose or Mexican Flower, something like that.
Does anyone know?
She does wonderful work and she ask me to quilt it for her.
I have made some drawings and marked a few spots and now I am waiting for backing.
She had backing, but I don't know if this has ever happened to you, she prewashes all of her fabric (not me) when she washed and dried her backing it shrunk 5 inches!!!
5 inches!
I've never seen that before.  This was not big box store fabric,
this was name brand quilt shop fabric.
5 it was too short for the quilt. 
 Had to order more, waiting for the UPS man.
Can hardly wait to get started.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with this one! Your quilting is amazing!!

  2. this is a real beauty, that as a big shrinkage, so good she pre washed it as not sure how the quilt would have looked if she washed it after all the quilting or maybe the quilting would have stopped the shrinkage. I wash my fabric as soon as I have bought it, again not sure if this is the correct thing to do but I gather it should all be washed or none of it so I do not have much choice.

  3. This quilt is beautiful. I am sure your quilting will compliment this quilt. I wish I could see this quilt in person to see it's beauty. I hope you have a very blessed New Year.

  4. I don't prewash cuz I want the max crinkly-ness when the finish is washed. I will have to admit that 5" is quite a bit for "good" quilt shop fabric! Will be excited to see how this comes along in 2014! Joy-filled New Year's Blessings to you!!!.....................