Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finished and delivered

I finished baby Natalie's quilt
and delivered "Tickle Me"
on Monday.

I shared the front last week
but look how cute the back


The design on the back was quite a surprize.

How cute is that?

I think I took more pictures of the back than the front.  I didn't even take a picture after I washed and dried it.  
Humor me, just one more...

I asked Ann at for her opinion while I was quilting it and she suggested a micro stippling around the feathers to make them "pop" more.
Thanks, Ann. 
It did make them pop.  I didn't think it would make that much difference, but it did.

Another baby quilt on the design wall using
Will & Lily's pinks and brown.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Still quilting feathers

A slow week here,
not a lot of new
I was hoping to have Natalie's scrap
quilt finished but it was not to be.

I have come up with a name...
I think.
Actually, I have thought of two,
the first is "Tickle Me" or
"Tickle Me Pink"
because of the feathers design I quilted
on it, but it does have green,
so maybe just "Tickle."

Maybe I haven't come up with a name.

Oh, let me show you,
now remember this is my first time to quilt feathers.
They're not show quality or exact
but I'm very pleased with the way they
look.  Still need practice, but I'm getting there.

I still have one border left and some filling in and then I will
be ready to bind it.

I found a piece of pink gingham in my stash
just the right size,
and couldn't remember why I bought it, so I thought
it would look cute for the back.

That's all for me this week.

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Sarah at
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Monday, June 18, 2012

My first

I've been working on Natalie's scrap quilt (must come up with a better name).
Since this is a bonus quilt and no one knows I'm making
another quilt for the new baby
I decided to play a little.
If it didn't work out I could ditch the quilt and no
one would be the wiser.

I'm not finished with it but I
have to share with someone.

My first feathers on a quilt !!

I have been drawing and drawing
and finally decided to go for it.

I am so excited.

Are they show quality? No.
Is every one perfect? No
But I don't think they're bad for the first time.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a little
micro strippling around the outside.  There's not a lot of room
so I don't know if it would add anything.

One more so you can see the borders.
Beading in the white narrow border
and freehand feathers on the outer border.
I pieced together the Hobbs wool batting I had left
from Stevie's teachers quilt and added a layer of Warm
and Natural.  Love the effect.

Hopefully, I made pictures of the "good" feathers.

So exciting.
  Thanks for visiting and letting me share.
DH doesn't quite get it.
Sister doesn't know what a quilted feather is.
So glad I can share with blog friends.

Sorry, just one more

Can't wait until I finish.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Natalie's here

I finished up Baby Natalie's quilt just in time for her arrival.

 Her grandmother, Jennifer, wanted pinks and greens to match the nursery.
She went to her daughter's house one day while her daughter was at work and
stole borrowed a blanket. 
We matched the colors in the blanket using my Kona
color chart

Jennifer likes this pattern, so I made
another one...

I quilted flowers in some of the squares.
each one had a different background filler.

I quilted loops all over so it would be
 nice and soft
for the baby girl.
For the back I found a cute pink and green paisley print.

This is on my design wall tonight and I am hoping to finish piecing it tonight or at
least by tomorrow morning so that I can quilt it on Sunday and deliver

A little quilt I'm making for Natalie using some of the scraps.
Small enough to use now while she's small. 

That's all for me this week.

Have a fun weekend.
I have to work at my oldest son's house again this weekend.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down memory lane...

came across some vintage fabric through a friend.
Remember when the large dept stores carried fabric, JC Penney's,
Castner Knotts, Sears.

Check out that price tag.
 4 yards for a dollar and made in the USA.
Who won't go for a deal like that today!
Ann is very involved in Quilts for Valor program.
She is keeping the fabric to make QOV and charity quilts, but
she came across a stack of goodies also.
check it out

Stacks of Wedding Rings "stuff" (Ann called it that, not me)
She is going to auction off the Wedding Ring blocks and strips and
use the money to buy batting for more QOV quilts

Check it out, wouldn't it make a beautiful quilt.

The auction will be open until Sunday.

Visit Ann and read the wonderful story.

Remember I am still having a issue with replying to comments but I still love them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I have a new toy

First I would like to thank Sarah for hosting the H2H challenge again this year. My NOLA Project quilts delivered to Sarah, Happy Chemo quilts mailed to Emily.  I saw some of the beautiful quilts when I dropped mine off at Sarah's house, and believe me they were beautiful. 

Now for my new toy.

When I was at the Paducah quilt show I saw a new product
being debuted.
Ron and Sharon with R&S Designs have developed
a product called

Quilt Cam.

I bought one and it was delivered last week.
I finally install it this weekend and let me tell you

It is better than slice bread.

I guess I really should explain what it is.
See the screen above the HQ screen.
That is the Quilt Cam.  It is a video camera
that hooks up to HQ machines (right now that's the only make of machine that this works on)
and allows you to quilt pantos and groovy boards from the front of the machine.

Talk about a cool product, I love it.  It is so much easier to follow the panto.
I never used pantos very much for several reasons.
 One, I didn't like looking down at the table, put stress and tension on my neck and I didn't have a lot of room behind my frame.
  Second,  I didn't like staring at the red laser light.  After 5 minutes my eyes would be burning and hurting.
  Third, I had trouble following the pattern especially if it went all over the place.

None of those problems anymore. 
You look straight ahead. the screen tilts and is large enough
to see exactly the area where you are quilting. Even though it has a color screen
the laser light does not bother my eyes.  Great instructions for installation and
 very easy to install.
And the really great part is you stand in front of the quilt frame
You see the quilt the whole time.

I am not affiliated with Ron, Sharon or R&S Designs in any way.
I paid for my Quilt Cam just like everyone else.
I think it is a great product and I love it and wanted to share an outstanding product.
You can find out more at

One other thing,  Thank you to everyone who left me comments.  Since Blogger
changed it's format several weeks ago, I am not able to email a thank you back to you.
Trying to figure out why, until I can figure it out I do appreciate all of your comments.
I received several comments and emails about my Dots and Dashes quilt.
There are no real instructions but if you would like to know the process
just email I will get back to you.

Thank you for visiting.