Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down memory lane...

came across some vintage fabric through a friend.
Remember when the large dept stores carried fabric, JC Penney's,
Castner Knotts, Sears.

Check out that price tag.
 4 yards for a dollar and made in the USA.
Who won't go for a deal like that today!
Ann is very involved in Quilts for Valor program.
She is keeping the fabric to make QOV and charity quilts, but
she came across a stack of goodies also.
check it out

Stacks of Wedding Rings "stuff" (Ann called it that, not me)
She is going to auction off the Wedding Ring blocks and strips and
use the money to buy batting for more QOV quilts

Check it out, wouldn't it make a beautiful quilt.

The auction will be open until Sunday.

Visit Ann and read the wonderful story.

Remember I am still having a issue with replying to comments but I still love them.

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