Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What does the IRS 1040 and quilting have in common??

Nothing really,  except both are like BIG puzzles that have to put together.
Only a quilt is a lot prettier when finished. 
Yoo Hoo!!!
Son's tax return FINISHED!!!! with 29 hours to spare.  (three businesses in a file box)

Now I get to go back to something I like and feels a lot less like work.
Working on a few quilty things right now will have something to share
later this week.
I ran across a pretty easy request from Purple Panda.
Check it out here

Stockings for Kids

Making Christmas stockings for foster children, so they will have something
of their own.  Don't have to fill it with anything, just make a stocking and
mail it (them) to Lyanna by Dec 1.
Every Tuesday Lyanna will post a tutorial on different stocking patterns.
You can use your own if you have a favorite.
Linky party on Dec 1 and prizes to boot.

Thanks for stopping by, I've got to get up and get something done.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Are you ready for the 100 Quilts For Kids Parade ?
Grab a beverage, Coke for me, maybe coffee for you.
Get cozy in a comfortable chair.
Here comes the parade, sorry I don't know how to add music.
All of these beautiful baby quilts are being donated to
The Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle Tennessee
in honor of my Stevie.
Here's the Grand Marshall of the parade

The first quilt in the parade was made by me.
Cute little quilt with striped sashing, cute for a girl or boy.

I made the next little quilt using fabric from the Chirp line
one for a little boy
 and another for a little girl

I have another one on the frame and will hopefully have it ready
by tomorrow.
I have two more tops made but I don't think I will have them
quited in time for the challenge but that's ok
because for me this will be an on going project. My plan is to donate at least
one quilt a month to keep the Assoc well stocked.
Now for the Junior Grand Marshalls.
All of the wonderful and talented ladies that helped make a dream come true for me.
First in line is the wonderful Ann
cute quilt with stars and polka dots.

Next in parade is the lovely Katie Q
You will have to visit her and see all of the quilts she made for 100QFK,
but this one she donated to DSAMT (Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle TN)
The next 4 cuties in line is from the talented Michelle.
Michelle, I apologize I have your blog saved on my computer at work.
If you will leave it in a comment I will add it.
I want to give credit where credit is due.
Never mind Michelle I found you,
Michelle sent 4, yes 4 quilts

All 4 are just beautiful.  Darkness was settling in so
my pictures do not do justice.
Bringing up the rear of the parade are my new quilting friends, the Sewing Sisters.
They are usually making quilts for their church ministry but one Saturday last month
we all got together at Sarah's house and
made baby quilts to donate to
I stole borrowed Sarah's picture because hers is much better
than the one I took in the dark.
Are these not bright and beautiful ?
Thank you, ladies!!!!
All of you have been wonderful to take the time, materials, and
talent to make all of these quilts to give to our
Down Syndrome families.
Quilter do have the biggest hearts.
My dream of giving every newborn with Down Syndrome in our area a
quilt, to be wrapped in love from their very beginning, has come true,
thanks to

That's the end of the parade, while I sweep up all of the parade confetti, you
need to go over and see all the other quilts made
100Quilts for Kids at
I don't know about you but I think it was a

have you seen the muffin man, uh... lady?

This week I have been called the "muffin lady", the "bakery lady", and the "the sweet lady". 
I am always called these sweet names at work this time of the year.
Know why?
Because of these jumbo muffins.
I bake these little big darlings and sell them at work to raise money for the Down Syndrome BuddyWalk.
I started a little late this year but so far in four days
I have sold 156 muffins and brownies.
Pretty good seeing that we only have 46 employees. 

It's like having a part time job.  I work all day, drive home, cook dinner,and bake muffins and brownies until it is time for bed.

My guys at work (and 4 ladies, counting me) love us some muffins.
I bake blueberry, banana nut, pumpkin,cinnamon, and chocolate chip, plus brownies.

They we like the brownies best.  I make them kind of gooey and they love them.

The BuddyWalk is Saturday, Oct 22 in Nashville.
In past years we have always had a BIG team walking with Stevie.  One year we had over 100 walkers on the "Stevie's Buddy Club" team.
Last year we had 38 that came out to walk with us and support Stevie.
The Walk this year already has 97 teams signed up.
If you would like to read more about Stevie's story you can do so  here

Now muffins and brownies are not the only thing I have been working on.
I sewed with Sarah and the Sewing Sisters on Saturday morning
and started this

As you can see I have about half of the blocks made.  I like the way it is working out.  Very easy pattern, I can see making more of these.

I have also finished my 100QFK's quilts to be donated to the Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle Tennessee.  I will have them ready to link up with later today.  I want to take outside pictures and we had rain on Thurs.  Then I will take them to the Assoc.  I have had help from some wonderful blog ladies friends to make a dream come true for me.  I have always wanted (well, for the last 7 years) and needed help making quilts for the Assoc to give to newborns when they visit in the area hospitals.  This challenge encouraged me to make baby quilts and share my story, which in turn, several ladies reach out to help and mailed quilts to me to donate to the Assoc.the Sewing Sisters also helped make quilts.  I am overwhelmed but... well more on that later, I have to get started. 
Check back later to see the quilt parade.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not a bad week ....considering

This is WHOOP WHOOP Friday
Let's see...what have we been up to...

Last Friday I was not able to post due to the fact
I was on heavy pain pills and laid up in the bed, way off
somewhere in lala land.  Didn't know anything until Monday.
So let me first share the wedding quilt I made
for Brett and Megan.
Finished a few days after the wedding.  They both loved it and
both said they had never received a gift made just for them. Megan said it was perfect
for their house.

Since I was under the weather I didn't get as much done as I hoped.
I did sew the binding on two of my 100QFK quilts.

This one is all finished.  Still need to wash and dry it, but it has made it to the finished pile.

I quilted this one and sewed the binding on.  It is also finished and in the wash and dry pile.

Found a very cute fabric to use as backing and the orange binding really set it off.

I had to take this one off of the frame to quilt Brett and Megan's quilt, so it is loaded back on and I quilted on it last night, almost finished and ran out of bobbin, so I quit and went to bed. 
 I already have the binding ready so it won't take much to finish.
I have 3 more 100QFK tops to quilt and put the binding on and
time is running out.

I have also been working on my oldest son's tax return, you know the one that
was due April 15th and extended to October 15th. 
This time of the year I always know what the date is because my mother
calls me everyday, at least once a day
and says "You do know that today is Oct whatever and your not finished
with the tax return and I bet your sewing". 
I'll get it, always do.
Must just like the thrill of the last minute rush. 
Yeah, right, I'm just slow and find
other things to do.

Tomorrow is sewing day at the Sweat Shop with the Sewing Sister and Sarah
This is a quilt I pieced for the quilt ministry last month, Sarah added the backing and 
quilted it. I forgot to take a picture
but Sarah took one before delivering it to it's owner

Well, I think that's all for my week.
What have you been working on?
See what everyone else has done over at Sarah's linky party