Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What does the IRS 1040 and quilting have in common??

Nothing really,  except both are like BIG puzzles that have to put together.
Only a quilt is a lot prettier when finished. 
Yoo Hoo!!!
Son's tax return FINISHED!!!! with 29 hours to spare.  (three businesses in a file box)

Now I get to go back to something I like and feels a lot less like work.
Working on a few quilty things right now will have something to share
later this week.
I ran across a pretty easy request from Purple Panda.
Check it out here

Stockings for Kids

Making Christmas stockings for foster children, so they will have something
of their own.  Don't have to fill it with anything, just make a stocking and
mail it (them) to Lyanna by Dec 1.
Every Tuesday Lyanna will post a tutorial on different stocking patterns.
You can use your own if you have a favorite.
Linky party on Dec 1 and prizes to boot.

Thanks for stopping by, I've got to get up and get something done.

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