Monday, November 14, 2011

Fine and Dandy

Well, I guess I could let you know that every thing is fine with me and my family.
Nothing major, except maybe, Stevie is recouping from walking pneumonia. 
Thankful no hospital stay just some strong medicine and I had to give him breathing treatments at home.  
I have been busy and have several things to share, but.....
there's always a but....
I have found out I am not the only thing in my house aging
(and I'm not even talking about my husband) 
technology has left my home computer obsolete.  
I have to buy a new one, or do a lot of upgrading,
 if I want to stay connected to cyber world.
I have Stevie's IPad and my work computer to post from
but I cannot post pictures. 
Looks like I will be in the "have your lost your mind" line at Best Buy
Thanksgiving night, opening at midnight if you haven't heard, passing tickets out at 10:00pm.
Tickets? What's with the tickets?
Let me get your opinion, if you only have one computer would you rather have a desktop or
a laptop? 
 I have always had a desktop so I'm trying to decide if I would rather have
a laptop this time. 
No one else in my household will be using it, so it is up to me. 


  1. Sorry you are having computer problems. I have been in there, needing to upgrade a perfectly good computer! I have given thought to this same question. If it were me, I would get a laptop. You can install a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard (I have them on my desk computer). Really it can "feel" just like a desk model. Conversely, you can whisk it away if you need to, using the features it came with--still having complete functionality.

  2. Laptop, and a Mac! You'll have a much happier experience blogging with a Mac - they don't pick up all those viruses that slow things down!!