Friday, February 24, 2012


                                  Whoo, what a week.  I won't bore you with all the details,
 let me just say it has been a rough week, year end audit, tax returns, aging parents,
too many different things, my head
was spinning.
All is better now, Friday night, wrestling is on the tv so I get
to retreat to my woman cave (sewing cave).

Let me share what I've worked on this week.

First I finished George and Linda's 25th anniversary quilt
they "fought" over which room it would reside in.
Good feeling when someone loves what you've made.

I made two blocks for two different block of the month clubs.
I think both turned out

One of the mom that commissioned a t-shirt quilt at Christmas asked me to make two pillow shams.  I've never made pillow shams but what the heck.
Surely if I can make quilts I can make a pillow sham.  They were not hard
to make after I figured out the math.  I still have to sew the backs to the fronts.
Took a lot longer than I thought it would but turned out pretty cute.

Sorry I can't get the pictures lined up
the way I want.

That's my week.  Now to finish up those pillow shams...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I visited my LQS, The Quilter's Path, last weekend and joined a Block of the Month Club.  There was three color ways to choose from, 30's, brights and Civil War.  I chose Civil War.  Here is my first block

Really easy block, took less than 30 minutes and that included baking a cake for Stevie.  No special occasion, he has just been asking for a cake, yellow cake with chocolate icing.
Here's what I should end up with at the end of the year.

Color Me Happy is the name of the pattern.
I also finished the Jan block for the In Color Order block of the month.
You can join in, just click on the button top right. 

How different can two quilts be.
I've been searching for a pillow sham tutorial, please let me know if you have seen one.
I need to make 2 of them by Friday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

HST Quilt along

See my new little button on the side. 
 Jeni at is having a HST quilt along. 
Every month a new block, no pressure, join any time. 
 I think it will be fun. 
Just one little block sometime during the month
and at the end of the year you will have a quilt. 
She even shows two methods for making HST. 
I have never tried the alternative method so I might try that way. 
All HST are the same size
so I might make a few extra every month to use in the months to come. 
I think this will be great for those of us that make quilts for others
and never one for ourself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

George and Linda, will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  I have known them for most of their married life.  I've watch their baby grow into a beautiful young woman.  I've tried to be there for them when Linda lost both of her parents.  Linda and I have worked together at two different companies.  She has helped me with Stevie's Buddy Walk for several years.  In short, we are friends.  And since we are friends and they have a celebration you know what that means.....
a quilt has to be made.
Since I only had two weeks to make said quilt I knew it had to be a quickie.
The first quilt I started I didn't like,
 didn't like the colors,
 didn't like the pattern
 and I wasted two days.
So I regrouped found some more fabric in my small stash and started
another one.  I decided to make them a Trip Around the World (yes again).
I know I can finish it pretty quick.

Here it is on the design board.  My idea of Tuscany colors, burgundy, brown, a little green and gold.
I loaded it on the frame tonight and started quilting.

Hopefully I can get it finished before Saturday.
I don't think I shared a notebook cover I made for myself.
I've made several for family and friends but never made one for myself.

Love the Hometown line from Sweetwater.  I still need to put the label on the front.

Better get into bed, still have 2 days of work left and then a busy weekend.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something you might not know about me and that is I am part American Indian.
  Cherokee to be exact. 
 If my mother had given me an Indian name it would have been
 Diane Always Running Late.
  I don't care how hard I try I am always late. 
Late for work, late for church, late for ballgames, parties, doctor appointments,
 you name it and I'm late for it. 
 My mother says" just leave a little earlier",
well if I do that I get stopped by a train or there is a wreck, or I get behind a slow poke on a two lane road, you name it, it happens. 
 What does all of this have to do with quilting?
  Nothing really, except I'm late posting. 
 Missed out on most of the Friday show and tells,
that's all.
I did deliver two quilts to Sarah for the quilt ministry.
I believe this quilt was pieced by Deb Arent (hope I got the name right)
Beautiful quilt, reminded me first of Sunflowers,
 all of the yellows and golds' with a little grey and taupe. 
Then as I was quilting it, I
started thinking it reminded me of the sun.

This quilt was given to a couple who had lost their newborn twin babies.
I hope it may give them a "(sunshine) ray of hope" and comfort.
It was a terrible day, rainy and gloomy, so Mr Quilt Holder Upper did his best.  This
was fun to quilt and I did a few "new for me" quilt patterns.

This next quilt was a UFO I found in the bottom of a box.
I quilted it and donated it to the quilt ministry.

  Sarah will sew the binding on and send them to their owners.

What's next?
I am working on an 25th anniversary quilt for a dear
friend.  I received my invitation on Monday and the
party is Feb 18. 
Doesn't give "Miss Always Running Late" a lot of time.

See what everyone else has been working on

Thursday, February 2, 2012

back in the swing of things

Well hello.
 It's been a while, I wish the reason was because I've been busy. 
To be honest that's not the reason, guess you could say I've just been lazy.
gave me the push I needed to get off the couch and
get back to quilting.
She asked me if I had time to quilt a large quilt for the quilt ministry.
I only want to give a sneek peek because
I'm not finished yet and Sarah has not seen it.
I don't know who pieced the top but it
is beautiful!

I have had fun quilting this one.  One reason I'm sharing the little peeks
is to show I have been busy this week and I have been quilting, but also to share that I
actully used a few "tools" on this quilt.
I bought this ruler when I first bought my machine and had never used it.
It came in real handy..

see how it fit perfect around all
 of the points.  I bought this little ruler from the HandiQuilter.
Worked out great for the borders also.  I'll share those when I finish.
Well I need to get this one finished up, it already has a new home waiting for it.

What have you been working on this week?

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even though this is not an UFO.