Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something you might not know about me and that is I am part American Indian.
  Cherokee to be exact. 
 If my mother had given me an Indian name it would have been
 Diane Always Running Late.
  I don't care how hard I try I am always late. 
Late for work, late for church, late for ballgames, parties, doctor appointments,
 you name it and I'm late for it. 
 My mother says" just leave a little earlier",
well if I do that I get stopped by a train or there is a wreck, or I get behind a slow poke on a two lane road, you name it, it happens. 
 What does all of this have to do with quilting?
  Nothing really, except I'm late posting. 
 Missed out on most of the Friday show and tells,
that's all.
I did deliver two quilts to Sarah for the quilt ministry.
I believe this quilt was pieced by Deb Arent (hope I got the name right)
Beautiful quilt, reminded me first of Sunflowers,
 all of the yellows and golds' with a little grey and taupe. 
Then as I was quilting it, I
started thinking it reminded me of the sun.

This quilt was given to a couple who had lost their newborn twin babies.
I hope it may give them a "(sunshine) ray of hope" and comfort.
It was a terrible day, rainy and gloomy, so Mr Quilt Holder Upper did his best.  This
was fun to quilt and I did a few "new for me" quilt patterns.

This next quilt was a UFO I found in the bottom of a box.
I quilted it and donated it to the quilt ministry.

  Sarah will sew the binding on and send them to their owners.

What's next?
I am working on an 25th anniversary quilt for a dear
friend.  I received my invitation on Monday and the
party is Feb 18. 
Doesn't give "Miss Always Running Late" a lot of time.

See what everyone else has been working on

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