Wednesday, February 15, 2012

George and Linda, will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  I have known them for most of their married life.  I've watch their baby grow into a beautiful young woman.  I've tried to be there for them when Linda lost both of her parents.  Linda and I have worked together at two different companies.  She has helped me with Stevie's Buddy Walk for several years.  In short, we are friends.  And since we are friends and they have a celebration you know what that means.....
a quilt has to be made.
Since I only had two weeks to make said quilt I knew it had to be a quickie.
The first quilt I started I didn't like,
 didn't like the colors,
 didn't like the pattern
 and I wasted two days.
So I regrouped found some more fabric in my small stash and started
another one.  I decided to make them a Trip Around the World (yes again).
I know I can finish it pretty quick.

Here it is on the design board.  My idea of Tuscany colors, burgundy, brown, a little green and gold.
I loaded it on the frame tonight and started quilting.

Hopefully I can get it finished before Saturday.
I don't think I shared a notebook cover I made for myself.
I've made several for family and friends but never made one for myself.

Love the Hometown line from Sweetwater.  I still need to put the label on the front.

Better get into bed, still have 2 days of work left and then a busy weekend.

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  1. Oh, Diane, the colors in that quilt are wonderful! Good luck getting it finished....