Friday, October 14, 2011

have you seen the muffin man, uh... lady?

This week I have been called the "muffin lady", the "bakery lady", and the "the sweet lady". 
I am always called these sweet names at work this time of the year.
Know why?
Because of these jumbo muffins.
I bake these little big darlings and sell them at work to raise money for the Down Syndrome BuddyWalk.
I started a little late this year but so far in four days
I have sold 156 muffins and brownies.
Pretty good seeing that we only have 46 employees. 

It's like having a part time job.  I work all day, drive home, cook dinner,and bake muffins and brownies until it is time for bed.

My guys at work (and 4 ladies, counting me) love us some muffins.
I bake blueberry, banana nut, pumpkin,cinnamon, and chocolate chip, plus brownies.

They we like the brownies best.  I make them kind of gooey and they love them.

The BuddyWalk is Saturday, Oct 22 in Nashville.
In past years we have always had a BIG team walking with Stevie.  One year we had over 100 walkers on the "Stevie's Buddy Club" team.
Last year we had 38 that came out to walk with us and support Stevie.
The Walk this year already has 97 teams signed up.
If you would like to read more about Stevie's story you can do so  here

Now muffins and brownies are not the only thing I have been working on.
I sewed with Sarah and the Sewing Sisters on Saturday morning
and started this

As you can see I have about half of the blocks made.  I like the way it is working out.  Very easy pattern, I can see making more of these.

I have also finished my 100QFK's quilts to be donated to the Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle Tennessee.  I will have them ready to link up with later today.  I want to take outside pictures and we had rain on Thurs.  Then I will take them to the Assoc.  I have had help from some wonderful blog ladies friends to make a dream come true for me.  I have always wanted (well, for the last 7 years) and needed help making quilts for the Assoc to give to newborns when they visit in the area hospitals.  This challenge encouraged me to make baby quilts and share my story, which in turn, several ladies reach out to help and mailed quilts to me to donate to the Assoc.the Sewing Sisters also helped make quilts.  I am overwhelmed but... well more on that later, I have to get started. 
Check back later to see the quilt parade.


  1. Yummy pictures. Always like to see a Carpenter's Star. I have one myself on my bed!

  2. OK, now I'm hungry - but that quilt is coming along beautifully!! Love the contrast of the colors!!!! Whoop whoop!!