Sunday, May 4, 2014

Checking in this late Sunday afternoon.
I had another baby shower this afternoon.
Wonderful day, a little windy, I spent most of the afternoon
picking up my table decorations
off of the ground.  The tablecloths were
airborne most of the time, spilling drinks and
turning over plates, but it was a pretty and sunny day.
There was only one problem,
one BIG problem. huge embarrassing moment.
Remember the quilt I made the new parents?
See the name (it is really pretty quilting, picture does not do justice)
I asked the father, I asked the grandmother, in fact I asked them several times "what's her name?"  I even wrote down what the grandmother (co-worker) told me.
Guess what?
Yeah, you have probably guessed.
I got the name wrong.  WRONG!!
This has never happened before, I have always been so careful.
All I could think of was "One of these days this is going to be a funny story".
Name should be Winter Lee Rose, not
Winter Rose Lee.
Well who ever heard of four names anyway,
double middle names or whatever you want to call it.
I personally think my way sounds better.
Maybe one day it will be a funny story.



  1. I can imagine how you must feel. Anyway it is a beautiful quilt and I am sure will be much treasured.

  2. now that is the kind of thing I would do!! if I could quilt in the first place. it is a beautiful quilt and I am sure will be treasured.

  3. Oh no - you're heart must have dropped when you heard that! Well the quilt is still beautiful and I am sure that it will be treasured! And you are quite correct - it will be funny one day!

  4. Oh man!! A quilter's nightmare come true! It will be funny - probably already is. . . They should change her name :) The quilt is stunning! Heirloom for SURE!

  5. Please tell me they didn't hand it back to you in a huff about it?!!

  6. The quilt is lucky, it has already a story to share about it.