Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let's see what's been happening in the studio.
I finished one of the Fowler quilts (deceased boss).
One of his sons just wanted his quilted,
"nothing fancy" he said.
(I think he will be sorry when he see the others,
but that's my opinion)
I quilted it with a panto, Come Dance With Me.
It reminded me of Oak leaves and of course
that's what we kiln dry and ship out.
I just noticed I only took pictures while it was on the frame so,
I will wait and show the whole quilt when I get them all finished.
I need to piece 2 more of them.

This is a baby quilt I made for a co-worker's son.
I saw this online and pinterest, but right now
I can't think of who it was. 
 I added more butterflies and the baby's
Used Bunny Hill's Lily and Will. Or is it
Will and Lily? and a few from my stash because I didn't
have enough browns.
Yes, you read that correct.  Her name will be
Winter Rose Lee Cogdell.
And she will be called Winnie.
 I have started quilting the monkey quilt, should
finish it today.
Next post I will share my trip to Paducah
during Quilt Week.


  1. those butterflies are delightful such a pretty quilt for a little girl, like the quilting on the other quilt too

  2. Such cute butterflies!! I love everything here you are quilting. I think the "oak" leaves are very appropriate. Hope you had a great time in Paducah!

  3. Great butterflies! Could this be the one you saw: