Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's up

Internet has been down.
I've been busy quilting.
Grass keeps growing.
Swimming pool opened.
Oh the wonders of summer.
Remember the monkey baby quilt ?
Yep, that one. 
Well I quilted it, looked real cute, a lot
of detail on the monkey and tree,
sewed the binding on, washed it, put it a box and
wrapped it nice and pretty.
Did you catch what I left out.
I did not take one picture of the finished quilt.
Made Stevie's teacher's  really cute little quilts
that fit on a cute little frame.
(I make a lot of little cute things LOL)
Did I take a picture?
Nooo, did not.
They have been Stevie's teachers for 4 years,
so I thought they needed something a little special.
My little boy has grown up and taking the BIG step to
No pictures, though.
I did get a picture or two of my big boy's
I made a commission t-shirt quilt for a high school graduation.
Actually it was made from soccer jerseys.
The shirts were first given and cut up by someone who
had never made a quilt.
Yes, a mess. 
The sun makes it look real puffy but it really wasn't.
This is the design they wanted.
I started on AP's quilt.
The memory quilt of her husband's (my boss) shirts.
This is the quilt she wanted, a Dresden plate,
 but I will also make her a
quilt I want to give her.
You know what I mean....
names and such.
Love the border.
It's a big one, 112X112.
Yes I was a little crazy when I made this one.
A lot of feathers.
More later, I see some weeds growing in my flower beds.
One last thing, check out what Sarah's,
is making to make money to adopt a son.
She is trying to sell 150 in 5 days.
This is day three so you'll have to hurry.
Giveaway too.
Mention you saw it on my blog.
I can't decide whether to get a custom one with
my blog name or a quilt square or the sewing machine. 
Wow too many choices.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Diane! I like the idea of one with your blog name on it - that would be cool!!!