Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet Jonah

This is the baby I spoke of in my last post. 
 Okay, I got a few things wrong... mainly his name.  I got the first letter right 
and they are kind of
similar... sort of...

 What can I say,
 when my sister and I have senior moments together there are always issues.

I had never heard of a Chinese auction, I had to look it up on the Internet.
In a nut shell, there are several items up for auction and
 you buy tickets for which items you want to win.
  Then a ticket is drawn for each item for the winner. 
The more tickets you buy the better your odds.   
If you would like to buy tickets for the raffle quilt
they will be $5.00. 

 Email me or Jenna (hope my sister got that name right, just kidding ) her email is on the poster.
If you email Jenna directly, please let her know that Sharon's sister told you about the benefit.
Jenna is making chocolate lollipops and selling them at the office where she works
for a dollar to help raise money. 

I know I'm talking to quilters, who make their own quilts, but you could win
with only $5.00 (or more) and then donate the quilt to your favorite charity.
If you are involved in H2H challenge (button on right)  you would have one already made and you have helped a baby in need.

Check back on the quilt progress on Friday
 and there may be a little something extra for you.

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