Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a score!!

No, I'm not talking about a sports game, well... unless buying fabric is a sport.  Which may be the case with some of us.  I decided to drive to my LQS in Goodlettsville, The Quilter's Attic, last Saturday.  I had in mind to made 3 totes for my son's teachers at school, something very simple. 
 I had in mind some Sunkissed. 

When I arrived at the store to find the Sunkissed, lo and behold, something caught my eye. Something bright and colorful, the color and design just jumped off of the fabric.  Little did I know the was something I had seen online but didn't really like  (sorry!)   You're asking what was this fabric.

Central Park by Kate Spain. There were a few pieces that did not fit in with what I wanted, but OMG I fell in love with the colors. (And I'm not a color person, I tend to go with browns, blacks, dark colors) I bought enough for the 3 totes and hopefully a little extra for a small quilt.
Then as I was looking around the store, just looking to see if something else caught my attention, what did I see sitting on a shelf all by itself. So many people must have passed it by.

This was my lucky day!!

This is what caught my attention and I was so scared someone else in the store was going to come up behind me and snatch it away. I grabbed it up immedately.

Folded and tied with a little green ribbon....Authentic by Sweetwater!!! FQ bundle. I missed it when it first came out and have looked high n'low for some. You want to know the best part......

There were 2 of them!!(happy dance) Well I had both in my grips and felt like I had won the lottery. What am I going to make with them? Don't really know, some will be framed to hang on the wall. (Guess I should tell you that I bought a canvas hometown piece from Sweetwater and this will look great together.) I'll let you know what I decide to make with the rest. Let me know, if you know, where I can find some yardage.
Well I blew my whole monthly fabric budget in one BIG sweep, but I was excited and it made up for such a bad depressing week.

I have been working on the teachers totes and should have them finished this week, or at the latest next weekend. Have to, last day of school is June 3.

Not a lot of sewing this week, had something to do every night, but this coming week looks much better.
 (so far anyway)
Sorry, Susan, I haven't even thought about UFO's.

I don't know if a fabric score is considered a Whoop Whoop,
but I did make a little progress on my H2H quilt.

Ballgame, yardwork (yuck) at my son's house, no less (what a mother will do) and then maybe, just maybe some me (sewing) time.
Have a nice week and thanks for visiting.


  1. It's always a great day when you find just what you want in the fabric store. Enjoy~!

  2. A fabric score this good is always a whoop whoop!!! I can't believe you found Authentic!! Whoop whoop whoop!!!

  3. Fabric score is a great whoop! whoop! I scored some yummy cottons at a yard sale this weekend. Most of them will go to Quilts of Valor quilts, but, I think I'm going to keep the floral.

  4. Glad you found the fabric you were looking for! I had a similar experience...had started a quilt for my sister from a FQ bundle. Didn't quite have enough fabric. Went back to the store and dug around and found ONE more FQ bundle of the same. Phew!

    I found you from the, ahem, "dumbing down", blog post. :)