Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I'm going to share a more recent quilt.
I shared this on Facebook, so you may have already seen it.

I made this applique quilt for my husband's Christmas present
in 2017.  The only thing is I never quilted it for him.
So this year I asked some of my FB followers if they thought
it was cheating to quilt this top and give
the same quilt two years in a row.
They all agreed it was not cheating, in fact some said to quilt
it, give it to him, then next year bind it and give it again. LOL

Well I didn't go that far but I did gift it two years in a row.
What quilt am I talking about????

This one. 
 The pattern is by Madi Hastings.
I love applique quilts,
 I don't, however, like sewing down all of those pieces though.
I love quilting on my long arm.
So I attached all of those applique pieces on my long arm.

He loves his name or initial quilted.
Deer really like oak trees and acorns.

All of the quilting is hand guided on my APQS Millie.

I also had another motive to finish this one.
I wanted a wall hanging for my family room.
I just didn't tell him that's why he received his finished quilt.
But I did say,
"Oh, wouldn't that look good hanging right 
there on the wall and people can see it when they first walk in"

He fell for it, so I have my wall hanging
that he thinks is his. 
Don't you just love his face, 
the deer's that is.

I know a lot of eye candy, 
I just can't help myself.

I really like the wreath with our initial.

Love how it turned out.

He was very pleased with it and excited that I actually 
finished for him.  He is still waiting on the one I made him,
in probably 2014.  I didn't like the quilt top when I finished it,
so it never got quilted.

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  1. You're knocking my socks off over here. What a great job of quilting you've done on this, in addition to the applique on your long arm. I've got to try that one day. Excellent workmanship, and beautiful!

  2. Your quilting is amazing! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pics.

  3. Such beautiful eye candy! Love the quilting. So much to see, love the monogram and the acorns. Just stunning!

  4. Yes, a lot of eye candy... a lot of oh so beautiful eye candy! Wow! Your "husband's" quilt is absolutely lovely. I gazed at your photos with amazement. Beautiful.