Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nannie's Memory Quilt

I had the privilege and pleasure to 
create a memory quilt for 
a customer.

She had some blouses of her great grandmother, Nannie.
Not many,
but we were still able to make a memory quilt.

This may be a picture overload post.

 I even had enough of the stripe blouse to piece
together and make a small border,

I thought it turned out beautiful. I quilted a
feather wreath in the center and
Nannie's initials at the bottom of the wreath. 

 My customer was thrilled with the finished quilt.

Nannie loved flowers, butterflies and birds, so
I incorporated those things in the quilting.

My customer did not want Nannie's given name on the quilt.
She only wanted the name she called her.

See her initials at the bottom of the wreath?

My customer was raised by Nannie from birth
and thought of Nannie as her mother.

See one of the butterflies in the above picture?

And of course I had to include a hummingbird.

My customer even wrote me a sweet note 
when she received her quilt.

Makes it all worth while for me
knowing I have made a lasting memory 
for someone.

All of my quilting is freehand.

Lots and lots of feathers.

Do you know of someone who would like 
a memory quilt made?  Send me a message 
Idewquilting18 at comcast dot net. (no spaces)

Thank you for visiting.
Remember I would love to quilt for you, 2E2 pantos or custom.