Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a quickie

I am trying to finish something I only started last night and I need tomorrow night, so this will be  QUICKIE.

This is turning into a wedding quilt for a friends
daughter.  Wedding is tomorrow.

I have been working on 100 Quilts for Kids and the wedding creeped up on me. I really thought it was next weekend.  Nothing like a rush job.

Here is a sneek peek.  Show you the rest tomorrow when it's finished.  Looks like a late night.

Here is one of the baby quilts on the frame for 100Quilts for Kids.

Here is one finished except for the binding.

I made this one last Saturday with the church ladies
at Sarah's house.

Made this one after I got home.  I still have to sew on the last border.  I found some real cute fabric for the backs.  I hope to finish all of them up this weekend.  I have fabric for 2 more.  All of these will be donated to the Down Syndrome Assoc of Middle TN.

Well I need to get back to sewing. Let you know if I make my deadline tomorrow.


  1. Just some really fun quilting going on here. Thank you for your generous 100 Quilts for Kids - wonderful donation - WHOOP!!

  2. Wow! Lots of quilts. I love the green, yellow, and white one. What is the pattern? I look forward to seeing the wedding quilt finished. You are an inspiration. Whoop! Whoop!

  3. You have been busy for all the great reasons!!:p

    I love all the color bursting from that last quilt:)

  4. Awesome, Awesome~! Wish I were close enough to join you over at Sarah's for some team piecing. You are just galloping through these quilts. It's so fun to see your progress! Whoop, Whoop Indeed~~

  5. I wanted to see what it would look like with solids... but i never thought of patterned sashing. Love it. I read through some of your posts today, and I was really touched by your efforts to make quilts for the local Down's Syndrome association. I'm sure I'll have leftover donated fabric, I'd be more than happy to send you some after 100 Quilts is over if you are interested. best- kate

  6. My gosh--do you ever sleep? Lots of fun projects going on in your world. The green/brown one especially took my eye.

  7. Good luck on the wedding quilt - can't wait to see the finished project!! And your 100QFK quilts are looking great. I've got a bunch here to quilt that I hope to get finished next week - I'll call you when they're ready!