Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back up for the moment

Saturday we celebrated Stevie's birthday, his actual birthday is August 31.
He is nine years old and for a little guy (5 lbs and 6 weeks early) he
has come a long way.  For someone who wasn't suppose to live long
in this world, he fought the odds, he has a purpose here.
  He is strong (sometimes too strong for his mama) and
you just tell him he can't do something and he will prove you wrong.
So here is to my little guy, the one that has given me so much love and laughter,
may you reach for the stars and achieve your goals.

Here is his brother showing him how to use his new iPad.  He will be using one at school and we thought it will encourage him to study more at home.

He also received the wrestling mask, wouldn't take it off. 
 Says he is going to be a wrestler when he grows up.  And believe me, he has some moves.
Now can I hear an AHHHHH!!

This is my new 10 week old granddaughter.  Isn't she cute?  She has more saggy skin than I do.

Ok, enough life stuff, let's move on to quilting.
Here is a quilt I made for the quilt ministry.

Sarah sent out a call that she needed a man quilt.
I thought this fit the bill, so I finished it up and delivered it to her on Monday.  I didn't  get a  picture of it finished, but jump over to Sarah's
she has a nice picture.

I also quilted this donated quilt for her.

I finally finished the football t-shirt quilt for my friend's son.
Forgive the messy background but it rained here all weekend and I took a picture
at work.  He has not seen it yet, but his mom and dad, and everyone they have showed it to, love it.
Now he is playing football for Austin Peay but I think part of his blood will still run Green and Gold.

Been working on 100Quilts for Kids quilts and one for a man at work.

That's all for me right now, what's been going on with you?
Thank you for visiting.


  1. Tell Stevie happy birthday for me! He looks so cute in his wrestling mask!!

  2. Love the wrestling mask!! Happy Birthday. Your t-shirt quilt looks great. I saw you quilt over on Sarah's page. It's wonderful. I learn so many ideas from everyone. It's so fun to visit~!

  3. Happy birthday to your little man! Love the wrestling mask. Oh, I saw your white and yellow squares quilt on Sarah's blog and swooned. So pretty!

  4. Just love the wrestling maskQ Just wonderful quilts finished.

  5. Happy birthday Stevie! I used to wear those wrestling masks when I was a kid. Great fun. Love the quilt with the white/yellow squares. It's perfect.

  6. Happy Birthday Stevie! Love the quilts for the quilt ministry. Great Job!