Saturday, January 7, 2012

I still have a few quilts that I need to finish from 2011.  I am working on one of my boss's (I have two bosses, (is that right bosses?) quilt right now.  I pieced both of them before Christmas, remember these were Christmas presents, but the quilting was taking me longer than I thought it would, so I had to bump a few projects ahead of theirs.  I have the one I started on before Christmas back on the frame.  I hope I have not messed up by taking it off the frame and then putting back on, so far so good.  All I have to share today is a little bit of the quilting and I hope it shows well in the pictures.
With a lot of questions answered by Ann at
I am trying my hand at custom quilting.  Hopefully you can tell this is oak leaves.  There is a cluster of these in each corner.  Smaller ones around in different areas.  Can't wait to show the tree in the center of the quilt.  I probably should explain that I work at a wholesale hardwood  lumber company.  We kiln dry red and white oak and sell to customers all over the world.  So that's why I choose oak leaves and a big tree.

Oh I just noticed I missed something.  Do you see it?  Yes a vein in one of the leaves.  I'll have to go back and correct that.  Notice the fabric, maple leaves.  Green is also our company color.  Hopefully, this will turn out close to what I had in my head. 
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What are you working on?


  1. Very cool, Diane! Your quilting looks great, and you obviously put a lot of thought into this quilt! Whoop whoop!!

  2. Wow, you bet I noticed it was an oak leaf!! It looks fabulous!! What a great gift! Can't wait to see the tree in the middle

  3. I can definitely tell they're oak leaves!

  4. Oh my gosh, it is so pretty! I can't wait to see the whole quilt. I often notice a missing "part" when I look at the photo and I never noticed it on the frame. Why is that? I have taken quilts off and put them back on a few times. It seems to work well. Yes, I recognized your oak leaf even though I have never seen on other than is a picture. Oak trees don't grow in Idaho.