Friday, October 8, 2010

What's a girl to do....

Happy Friday to you.
Seems like everyone has a list and once a week or so they check finished items off of their list. Well, I have decided to keep a list. My list was so long that I don't know how I will manage. I know the rules....priorities.
I guess first on my list for this weekend is start and finish my sons tax return(three seperate business in a box) , but my husband wants to seal and paint the garage floor. Which is first on his list, so that I can move some things (his, toolboxes) from storage and into our new house. He is disabled and cannot stand for very long so I know I will be the one sealing and painting. I know the garage needs to be finished before cold weather. I guess I could do the garage in the morning and then spend the rest of the day working on the tax return. Yeah, that's what I will do. That means tonight I have to clean out the rest of the garage, oh boy what fun on a friday night. I would rather be sewing tonight have a lot of quilting projects that are calling my name. I don't know why I have to work a fulltime job....Oh that's right I like to eat and quilt and scrapbook and have a home and cloth my son. Being positive..if I get the garage finished and all the things in storage moved then I would have extra money (instead of paying Ms Martha at the storage bldg) to spend on quilting. I knew there would be a GOOD reason to finish the garage.
I promise very soon I will start posting pictures of the quilting projects I have in progress and the ones I have finished. Just too much going on.

I joined the Secret Santa swap over at Charming chatter between charming friends. go check it out I don't know how to link to it yet. If you want to join and cannot find them leave me a comment and I will give more information.

Well I guess I had better go back to work and do what I am getting paid to do. Have a nice day, leave a comment if you visit, so that I will know someone other than me is visiting.

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  1. Glad you want to join the Secret Santa Swap but I need your e-mail address. Send it to me through my e-mail.Thanks.