Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Boy has arrived

Congratulations to Dave and Kate on their new baby boy.
He finally made his appearance after weeks of false labor.
(They have a cuties name for that now but I'm old school so it's still false labor to me)
8lb 2oz and 21 inches long.
Everyone is doing fine and resting at home. Kate went for the midwife and water birth, it's my understanding she had a rough time. Baby boy was delivered at 6:02 a.m. and they were home at 9:00 a.m.!!!!
I spend more time at the grocery store than that. I thought he may be giving his slow great aunt time to finish his baby quilt, but oh no, he had to enter this world right on time.
Good news is I'm almost finished and can FedEx it to them tomorrow. All I have to do is finish sewing the binding, about 24 inches, wash it, wrap it, box it,and wait for the FexEx man.
Oh and take a picture for all to see.
I found a new way to sew binding down and it is sooo much quicker and looks so much better. I might be the only one who has never tried this but I am so happy with it. Instead of a slip stitch, or what I call a slip stitch, you go under the binding or through it, come out with needle and tack it down then go back in where the needle came out and continue. Stitches don't show and it is so much quicker than my old way.

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