Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have been working on my Secret Santa and some very cute table decor for Thanksgiving. I bought the pattern from Sweetwater for a little house that you put your silverware in. Very cute. My family is coming to my house for Thankgiving this year. I've never had Thankgiving dinner at my house. Everyone has always gone to my parents house.

This year is different... we moved within 10 minutes of my parents, into a new house that I just love. Until last May we lived about 1 hour from my parents. We had a beautiful house that we built. I don't mean we had a contractor, I mean we built it. We built a log house, everything except plumbing, HVAC and roof. Everything else we did. We lived very far out in the country, our closest neighbor was a 1/2 away. We had 138 acres. Wildlife galore. I loved it there, but (always a but) the drive was awful, I needed help with my son who has Down Syndrome after school, his zoned school was not real good, so he went to a school out of zone and it took us 45 min to drive to school. It was real hard after my husband became disabled. He was not able to help take care of it and it was just too much for me to handle. So we sold it right as our new house was completed.

We moved into our new house the weekend of the Nashville flood, May1-2. That's another story that I will share one day.

Need to go sew, talk later

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