Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm running behind, nothing unusual for me, we celebrated my father's
80th birthday today after church. (which I must add had NO AC today, it was only 96 outside and the church windows do not open, Can I hear an AMEN)
He is my best buddy, he still helps me do manual labor stuff at his age.

Now to the real business....

So many quilter put forth an extra effort to make quilts to donate to Judi and Clint at  for their Romania trip.  Sarah at http://confessionsofafabricaddict/
did an amazing job putting everything together and matching us with swap partners.  I must admit it was a little hard letting go of the quilts I made.  They turned out very pretty.
My first quilt was made from the fabric my swap partner, Pam Nagle at Auntie Pammi's Quilting Adventure, sent me. I added the background fabric from my stash. Such a beautiful layer cake she sent. I loved working with the fabric.

The second quilt I made was entirely out of my stash (I have a very small stash since we moved). I think it also finished very pretty.
I hope that whoever receives it will love it too.

Many thanks to Sarah for keeping this going since April, when she had the idea, and keeping up with all of us. Thanks to all the sponsors for the most wonderful prizes. A prize was not why I participated but it's like icing on the "layer" cake. I had fun coming up with ideas and meeting some wonderful blog sisters.

See what everyone else did over at http://confessionsofafabricaddict such beautiful work!!!

Got to run school starts tomorrow and I need to get my little one ready, even though he says he's not going.
Tomorrow morning should be fun, if you feel the earth rumble tomorrow morning in Tennessee,
don't worry it's just me and Stevie getting ready for WWIII school.


  1. They came out great! I really like what you did with the layer cake.

  2. I love both your quilts. The pattern for the layer cake quilt looks like fun. Both these quilt will be treasured.

  3. You're right, your quilts are both lovely - it was hard for me to mail them off! You did a great job!! Good luck with school tomorrow.... ;-)