Monday, August 1, 2011

A special finish

I have already shared the story about this quilt (see post below).  I finished it this weekend and washed it today.  I am very pleased the way it turned out. 
It is a large quilt, so my quilt holder upper had a hard time holding it up so you could see all of it.

If you remember I did something stupid while I was working on it and dropped a Sharpie on it, making a mark on it. I had several suggestions on how I might be able to fix it. I had planned on putting 3 stars or pinwheels on the back for this man's great grandchildren. I couldn't figure out how to put them on the front. See how I "fixed" my goof up.  I put 3 little pinwheels, covering up my little mark.

Since I used the 3 great grandchildren on the front, I cut out the shirt labels and used them on the back. My favorite is the DuckHead label. ( lower right)

This is the back. See that litle blue spot on the left hand side?

I used one of the pockets to attached my label. Named "My Daddy's Shirts" I didn't know the DOB and DOD so I left a little blank spot onthe label for my friend to write them.

I did some custom freehand quilting, which is a first for me. I had a lot of encouragement from you guys and I did it and enjoyed it. It's not perfect, by any means, (I won't be quitting my day job) but I like the way it turned out. I love the crinkles. I didn't know if the shirt material would crinkle like the cotton background material.

It is finished and ready to deliver to my friend at work tomorrow. I don't know what he is expecting, but I do hope he likes it. And will give him a little comfort when he misses his father. I have enought shirt material left to make his 2 children a quilt, so that's next on my list.

Oops I see some threads that need clipping.


  1. Love this! My Dad passed away last year and my Mom got rid of his flannel shirts before I could get my hands on them. Oh well. I like the fixes for the boo-boo's. There is a product called Sew Clean, smells kinda orangey. I got ink pad ink on a brand new cotton sweater. Sprayed it, amazing--it disappeared. Don't know about sharpie though.

  2. Diane, this is absolutely spectacular!! You did a very special thing here - and I know your friend will love it!!

  3. Oh my gosh, where do I begin~! First of all the whole thing is wonderful. You made a spectacular save with the sharpie marker spot. It is probably even better with that "artistic sparkle" those 3 appliqued pin wheels added to the top. Love the back, the labels, the pocket. You are a rock star! Your quilting is really really nice. I am so proud of you.

  4. Awesome Quilt! What a great way to represent the great grandchildren with stars, and cover up those opps!