Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give away

Quick note to tell you about  Green Fairy sponsoring a give away over at P.S. I Quilt . 

I have been working on Dana's wedding quilt and I'm almost finished. 
I want to finish it so that I can give it to her this weekend.  I think this one has taken forever.
Things just keep going wrong, had it on the frame, just quilting away, reached the bottom of the quilt and
discovered the back was about 1 inch too short. I know I measured twice, I know I did.  Took it off the frame, added a strip to the bottom, put it back on the frame finished quilting border. Took it off the frame, laid it on the table to trim off excess and "Oh my gosh"  I didn't quilt part of the side border.  Put it back on the frame to finish the side border.  See what I mean.  Maybe it should be named "murphy quilt"

Hope you are having a better week.  Tomorrow is UFO update here 
and Whoop Whoop Friday here

Hope you have had a better week.

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