Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's have a Whoop Whoop Friday

Sarah at is host to Whoop Whoop Friday to show what has been worked on during the week. My computer has been down for a week or two so today I am playing catch up.

I finished my first H2H quilt. Ready to take to Sarah to be shipped to Judi at Green Fairy Quilts

Pieced the back from the scraps left over.

(My quilt holder upper is still in bed, so I had to do the best I could)

This is my second H2H quilt. Ready to send. The back has a little piecing to it, but I failed to take a picture. You will see in awhile that even though my quilt holder was asleep I did have some help.

Trip Around the World is one of my quick go to patterns. Always turns out great.

Remember the T-shirts I showed several months ago? Well it has been waiting for signature blocks. The lady I am making it for can not get all of the signatures back, so we decided to proceed without them. I have the flimsy finished and will work on the back.

Then I have a friend, Dana, who is getting married in August. Dana has helped me for years with the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. I made her and her future hubby a Trip Around the World. You can see my early morning helper, (SpongeBob pj's and all) he's just not tall enough to hold them up.
I used some of the same fabric as in the H2H quilt but This one has more gold in it. (It is a nice golden color, in the picture it looks yellow) Love the way this one turned out. I hope she likes it, plus I used up some of my stash, sooo you know what that means. SHOPPING!!

Here's my other assistant. I had way too much help during this photo shoot.

This is the quilt I made for my friend who lost his father (using his father's shirts). I always have a hard time coming up with names for my quilts, I think this one will simply be "My Daddy's Shirts". You can read about it more on yesterdays post. The center star represents his father, the log cabin center is for mother, home (they all live within a 1/4 mile of each other) and love. The four corner stars represents the four children with the father inside each. The eight pinwheels represents the grandchildren (spin offs of his children, a little humor there). Marita at The Quilter's Path helped with the layout. I can't wait to finish it and have it ready to give to him on Monday. There's just one thing....

Don't be stupid like me and have a Sharpie close to a quilt. I dropped the Sharpie and look what happened. Yeah, it marked the quilt. Now me and Mr. Rippy don't like each other very much, so I am trying to come up with a solution that doesn't get Mr. Rippy involved. Any suggestions? And the blue marks will disappear, I was playing around, trying to decide how to quilt it and do not like the results.

I also quilted a quilt for the church ladies to give to Sarah. I was in such a hurry to get finished I did not get a picture of it but if you hop over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else has been working on she has a picture. I was so honored to have had a small part in making her quilt.

Well, besides all of this, I have been on vacation this week
and have been taking my little assistant to the
pool every day.  Today I have to clean house
and wash clothes so that I can go to a quilt show
tomorrow.  Not a bad deal if
you ask me.

I love comments and I read every one,
 but sometimes I can not
respond (still don't know why).
So if I don't respond, please know that I have read yours
and appreciate each one.


  1. Wow, Diane, you've been busy!!! Such beautiful quilts! Maybe you can work some wording into the top of the quilt around that Sharpie mark - or maybe some stitchery? I made a similar mistake once, writing a Bible reference on the back of a quilt - but wrote the wrong book of the Bible! Had to draw a little bouquet over my first words - and I'm no artist!! But you definitely deserve a Whoop Whoop this week!!!

  2. Your H2H quilt is beautiful! I always love trip around the world quilts too. What type of interfacing do you use on the T-shirt Quilt? I am to make one for my SIL for Christmas but I don't want it to be too heavy. Thanks

  3. I love your trip around the world quilts -- they're so pretty!

  4. With so much help it's a wonder that you got so many great pictures. You've sure been busy!

    What a great story to go with "My Daddy's Shirts!" Bummer about the Sharpie though. You could applique something over the mark. I know a lady who has some butterfly fabric. Every time she messes up she cuts out a butterfly and appliques it over the problem. Most people don't know her "secret" and think she is so clever to add butterflies in such "random" places on her quilts. LOL!

  5. Well Whoop Whoop - what a quilt show! Love the shirt quilt - the log cabin block in the center star is a great focal and setting.

    For trouble in leaving comments - make sure you have the 'keep logged-in' box is un-checked when you sign into your account. You will have to sign into your account everytime you go on-line, but you will be able to leave comments

  6. Such pretty quilts! I like what you have done with "My Daddy's Shirts." Really nice use of the fabrics. Sorry I don't have any advice for you on the sharpie on fabric. However, my son "colored" my kitchen cupboards with a permanent magic marker and I finally got it off with bathroom cleaner!!

  7. WOW! You have been busy! Your longarming looks really nice too! Sorry I havent gotten back to you. We will be looking at/signing our daughter up for a home about an hour away...
    Take care,

  8. Several Whoop Whoops! for you :-) Love the colors of the H2H quilt on top especially. The Trip Around the World quilts are gorgeous, beautifully done. And you have two really great helpers, lucky you!

  9. Oh my! You have really bean a busy lady. I love all the quilts. The first H2H is dreamy. Love the colors.

  10. Rubbing alcohol blot it with a cotton towel or hairspray . Try those. If no result,then maybe OxiClean.

    I ADORE the My Daddy's Shirts quilt for the colors,the star and all the meanings behind it!!

    Excellent work!!!