Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dang Computer !!

My computer has been down for almost a week now. 
My IT man (aka oldest son) could not make it by (too much July 4th partying) to fix it. 
I missed out on the several giveaways. 
Missed posting my updates. 
Missed showing pictures of progress. 
Missed reading everyones blog. 
But, I did a lot of quilting. 
So this is Tuesday and I am back at work and I have a computer but I can't post pictures. 
Sooo... not much better.
Took my youngest son to the pool Saturday and Sunday.
Cleaned carpet and house on Monday.
But every morning, (Stevie doesn't understand we can sleep late on weekends) between 6:00 and 10:30ish
I sewed, I quilted, I had fun. 

  1. I finished 1st H2H quilt, needs hand stitching the binding. (not my favorite )
  2. Started and finished 2nd H2H quilt, needs hand stitching the binding. (see above)
  3. Started making my friend's memory quilt from his fathers shirts. 
I will be driving to Toledo, along with my parents, next weekend.  Leave early Saturday morning, back home Sunday evening. Yeah, quick trip.
Maybe sew some binding Saturday night in hotel room. (Stevie goes to bed early, so I can sit, relax and watch TV)

Does anyone know of any quilt shops in the Toledo area??

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