Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'mmm Baaaack !!

Computer is finally up and running. Yea!!
I feel like it has been forever.
I have a lot to share.
See these...

These are men's shirts. 
I told my friend at work who recently lost his father that
I would make him a quilt if he would bring me some of his fathers shirts,
when the time was right for him.
Who knew his father wore mostly blue shirts...
and stripes, lots of stripes.
Ok, not what I was expecting.  I don't really know what I was expecting but...
 more colors and a few designs.
I wanted to make a quilt with a meaning, a story.
I got a little inspiration from a star quilt,
but because I didn't have a lot of different colors to work with it just didn't look right.
So.. I took a different approach.  Here is the story.
I wanted a star for each of the children (4) and one representing the father, hence the star quilt above.

It just wasn't working.

 I re-grouped, made 4 star blocks with the same color middle and one star with the same material as the star points.  My thinking was the four stars with the same middle represented the four children with the father inside all of them.  For the center of the fathers block I made a log cabin block with a red center to repesent his mother, love and home.  Good so far and then I was stuck.  Nothing looked right, it didn't feel right.  I took a little trip to my new LQS, Quilter's Path.  Come to find out it is owned by an old friend that I went to school with.  Marita worked with me quite a while and we finally came up with a plan.  I will take a picture early tomorrow before the 99 degree sunlight.
Quilted the blue quilt for Sarah
Quilted Central Park quilt to donate to Sarah.

Quilted one of my H2H quilts to donate to Judi

Pieced another H2H quilt from my small stash.

I have more to share but another day.
Thanks for visiting and letting me share.

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  1. You're back with a bang, for sure! Such beautiful quilts!!!