Friday, March 9, 2012

This week went quite a bit better than last week.
Althought it is the first of the month, and work is always very
busy the first of the month,
I did get up off the couch and worked on a quilt for a lady at work.
 Well not exactly for her, but her grandson.  This
is the fourth Dr Seuss I have made.  Still not tired of it.
Maybe this pattern, but not the fabric.

Still need to add his name in the white
section and the load it on the frame
and have a little fun.  The border is
 my favorite part.

Elizabeth over at had a thread give away. 
It was a "name this thread"  contest and look what I won.
.                         This was not the thread I named but the thread I won.  I can't wait to try it out... Superior Thread, Poly Quilter.
I think I have just the quilt for this thread.  Thanks, Elizabeth, for the chance to win.

While I've been sitting  relaxing on the couch I have been drawing. Actually I have
been practicing some quilting on a sketch pad.

  Getting better I think, at least you can tell what it is... I hope.
Now if only I can do the same thing on the machine.

Worked on my taxes also, and to think it's only March.
DS taxes is another thing.

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  1. I love the Seuss fabric, so fun and cheerful! Looking forward to seeing more pictures once you're added the name, too!

  2. Cute Seuss quilt..the black and white stripe is darling and fun!

    Taxes not so much fun:(

    Have fun with the feathers..they are looking real good.

  3. Love the Dr Suess! None of my grands are fond of those characters - cars and robots.

  4. What a cute and happy Seuss quilt for this lucky little grandson! Just the perfect balance to the not so happy tax bother.

    Applause, applause!

  5. Love your quilt, Diane. The black and white stripe sets those Dr. Seuss prints off beautifully. Lovely!

  6. What a bright and cheery quilt!! Lucky grandson :)

  7. Very cute quilt, a great way to showcase the fun Seuss fabrics! I think the striped border really makes it spectacular!

  8. Love Dr Suess. Your quilt is so happy & vibrant.

  9. Beautiful Dr. Seuss quilt! Congrats on the win, and I think your doodling looks fabulous! (Wait until you see all the thread we've got for the quilt ministry!) Whoop whoop!!

  10. Ur doing great on that drawing! Can't wait to Dr.S all done...

  11. Whoop! Whoop! What a fantastic personalized quilt. He's going to love it, for sure. :)

  12. Love your Dr. Seuss quilts. I don't think I could ever get tired of those fabrics either. So bright and cheery and fun. He's going to love it so much!