Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks to everyone for leaving such sweet comments, 
  I tried to respond to everyone, but I think I missed a few. 
I do love your comments.
Well, let's check out this week
what's been happenin' in the bonus room

I finished Braden's Dr Seuss
quilt.  Quilted with swirls and loops.
I was hoping to get a few pictures
outside, but it was raining, well
actually thunderstorms, when I
returned home this afternoon.
I had promised Stevie a steak, baked potato,
and a salad with Ranch for dinner tonight. Or is it supper? His favorite meal. 
I don't even want to think how stupid
I looked going outside with an umbrella to
cook the steaks on the grill. 

I have also been working on a Jinny Beyer
palette quilt, Harlequin Charm.  I'm in no
hurry, I put together a few blocks at a time.

I missed sewing with the Sewing Sisters on Saturday (say that fast three times)  My oldest son decided to put his house on the market, so I have donned my construction hat, tool belt and paint brush to help him. 

Sarah at
 is hosting the second annual H2H (Hands to Help) charity quilt drive.  There are two charities to choose from.  Visit Sarah to get all the details.
Sign up is this Sunday, and did I mention there are some awesome sponsors with some great giveaways.
Ok I can't seem to copy the button, I'll work on that.  I've already started on my first H2H
quilt but I'll wait till Sunday to share.

 and two of her friends are having giveaways Visit Susan to
see progress on UFOs.

And the best part it's Friday... Whoop Whoop


  1. LOVE the Dr. Seuss quilt! what a great layout! Whoop Whoop!

  2. I love Braden's Dr. Seuss quilt, but then I love all your quilts.

  3. Love the Dr. Seuss quilt and your quilting is perfect!! Do not ever think you are alone grilling steak in the other-than-sunny-weather! I do it all the time in the snow. I have to shovel the deck and brush snow off the grill! We do it at least 2x a week year round!