Monday, July 2, 2018

I have been gone for so long I almost forgot how to blog.  
A lot has happened since last year, some good, 
some not so good.  I won't go into to everything but
a lot of doctors, lots of test, some surgeries, 
not all me, but my parents, sister, husband.
Overwhelming at times, but enough of that, let's get to the good stuff.

So excited to be teaching at MQX Quilt Show
again this year.  Check out their website
lots of new classes and a few offered last year.
I am teaching 5 classes this year. 

Want to know how to get those pretty motifs 
on your quilt top?
I have a class for that.

Want to know how to make those pretty motifs?
I have a class for that.

Want to learn how to quilt those motifs on a longarm?
Well, you are in luck, I have a  class for that too.

Never been to MQX?
It is one of the best shows.  Mary and Janet-Lee make
everyone feel welcome and just like old friends.
The quilts in the show are amazing, 
the classes are wonderful,
a lot of different vendors.
I have been to several quilt shows during the years, 
including AQS Paducah, and I rate this one right at the top.
Held at the Crown Plaza
 ( I always want to say Crown Royal, lol) 
Nice hotel, nice rooms but could be a little pricey if on a budget, but there several hotels within walking/driving distance.
For several years, I stayed in a place right down the road, stayed all day at the Plaza, and slept at a different place. 
Just as involved, just as fun but had a little more money for the show. Just saying.

Never entered a quilt in a show before, 
this one is a good place to start.
Also Janet-Lee is obsessed  
loves polka dots and there is a special challenge. 

I will share some work next time and I promise it 
won't be 11 months.  It will be very soon.
Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Welcome back. Glad to see you; look forward to more posts. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your year. Glad you are teaching at MQX again. I loved your classes last year!! I hope you have a good summer of quilting and getting back to the things you like doing. Take care.